Global Geocoding Add-In and Download Free Layers Add-In for Maptitude

These two tools work together to create maps of the whole world and to geocode your own data for almost all countries. They are provided as a single download.

  • The Global Geocoding Add-In (Beta) allows you to geocode/locate your spreadsheet data by global street address, town, and postal code on a Maptitude map. The geocoding uses OpenStreetMap data. Quality and accuracy varies by country and within countries. A free 3rd party API key is required to run the Global Geocoder Add-In.
  • The Download Free Layers Add-In provides easy access to no-cost web-based data-sources. This tool downloads detailed data, including streets, boundaries and postal code points for many countries and requires an internet connection. These data are converted to the standard Caliper geographic format (.dbd) and added to default maps. Attractive and compelling styles are automatically applied, allowing you to quickly create presentation quality maps of your area of interest. Also, by using the Locate-by-Value tool in Maptitude you can plot your points using the postal code locations. If you have the UK Country Package, then this tool enhances that product with full postcode geocoding for Northern Ireland.

To install the add-ins:*

  1. Download the file DataInstaller.exe.
  2. Open the file or choose the Run command from the Start menu, and browse to the DataInstaller.exe file in the folder where you downloaded the file.
  3. Click OK and follow the step-by-step instructions to install the add-in.

Once the installation is done, the World (MapQuest Nominatim) region is added to the Region Manager, along with any other Country Packages that you already have installed, and set to be the default region. Certain tools, such as the Create-a-Map Wizard, Find, and Locate tools, will use the default region.

NOTE: You can choose the default region to use by choosing Edit > Preferences, clicking Button on the Locating tab, and choosing a region from the Choose Default Data Region dialog box.

TransCAD Version

*Requires the latest version of Maptitude to already be installed on your computer.

Download Free Layers Add-In Instructions

To use the Download Free Layers Add-In

  1. Make sure you have an active internet connection.
  2. Choose Tools>GIS Developer's Kit>Add-Ins  and highlight Download Free Layers to display the Download Free Layers dialog box.
  3. Choose the layers to download from the drop-down lists.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Follow the step-by-step instructions to download your chosen layers.

Maptitude downloads the layers, saves them to new geographic files, and displays them in a map.

Global Geocoding Add-In Instructions

The World Region data can be used to geocode your data, find a location on a map, or create a general purpose map with Create-a-Map Wizard.

Using the World Region with the Locating Tools

When you have a dataview open you can:

  • Choose Tools>Locate>Locate by Street Address and locate records across the globe based on address and postal code.
  • Choose Tools>Locate>Locate by Postal Code and locate records across the globe based on postal code. You can locate the records centered at the postal code point.
  • Choose Tools>Locate>Locate by City or Town and locate records across the globe based on city names. You can locate the records at the city center.

Using the World Region with the Find Tool

When you have a map open you can choose Edit>Find or click Find button on the Standard toolbar and use the World Region to find:

  • a global street address
  • a global city
  • a global postal code
  • a world city
  • a world country
  • a map feature
  • a coordinate

Using the World Region with Create-a-Map Wizard

You can create a general purpose map of:

  • a global street address
  • a global city
  • a global postal code
  • a world country
  • the world

To use the World Region:

  1. Use one of the tools described above to locate, find, or create a map. If it is the first time that you have chosen to use the World Region data you will be prompted to license and acquire the API as described in the "Licensing" section below.
  2. Maptitude displays the Choose country for geocoding dialog box:
    Choose Country Dialog Box
  3. Choose a method as follows:
    Method When to use it
    Geocode for this country only Choose this method if your locations are in one specific country and choose the country from the drop-down list
    Guess country from address Choose this method if your country information is missing or your data does not include a unique field containing just the country name or abbreviation
    Country is defined by field Choose this method if your data includes a field indicating the country and choose the country field from the drop-down list. You will be prompted to review the country matches for accuracy. Make corrections in the Standardized Country Name field as necessary, and click OK.
  4. Continue using the tool as described above.


You are required to obtain an API key to use the World Region.

  1. The first time that you use a command that requires Maptitude to use the World Region you will see the Licensing Terms dialog box.
  2. Click Continue to display the following Application Key prompt:
    Application Key Promt
  3. Click I don't have a key, help me get one to be redirected to
  4. Fill your information on this page and create your user account.
  5. After setting up your account, go to Profile in the top right.
  6. Under the Manage Keys section, click Edit Keys and click Create a New Key.
  7. You can name the application Maptitude and leave Callback URL empty.
  8. When done, expand the new entry and copy the Consumer Key.
  9. Paste this into the Mapquest Key prompt in Maptitude and click OK.
    Application Key Prompt