How Can I Locate the Northern Ireland Postcodes?

In your data, if you have a column containing Northern Ireland addresses and another column containing Northern Ireland postcodes you can geocode/locate your address data using the UK Country Package. However, if you want to geocode/locate just the column containing the Northern Ireland postcodes you will first need to use our Download Free Layers Add-In. You only need to run the add-in once. This article will explain how to download the add-in and how to use it to find your NI postcodes.


  1. First, close all instances of Maptitude and click on the following link to download the add-in:
  2. Open the Maptitude software, close all maps and go to Tools>GIS Developer’s Kit>Add-ins> Download Free Layers
  3. From the second pulldown, choose “United Kingdom (UK ONS)” and click OK

  4. Choose the appropriate version of the UK country package from the pulldown and click OK

  5. Once this is complete, go to File>New Workspace and you can now locate Northern Ireland postcodes when using the United Kingdom country package by selecting “New Map of My Data/Table/Spreadsheet”

If you want to show postal sectors and districts for the Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Ireland, please try this tutorial

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