How do I download the free U.S. PLSS & TXSS layers for Maptitude?

The PLSS and TXSS map layers for Maptitude are accessible as a free download. In this tech tip we describe how to install the layers and add them to a map.

The following steps outline how to download and install the free PLSS and TXSS layers for Maptitude:

  1. Download the data from the Caliper Store. NOTE, you must have the latest version of Maptitude in order to download the layers.
  2. Once the files are downloaded, click OK, and then click the Install button. Follow the prompts to install the layers.
  3. To add one or more of the layers to a Maptitude map, open the map, click  on the Standard toolbar, and click Add Layer in the Layers dialog box.
  4. Browse for the folder where the downloaded data are located (e.g., c:\ccdata\plss\). Choose one or more of the data layers and click Open in the File Open dialog box.
  5. Maptitude adds the layer(s) to the map. Close the layers dialog box to see the layers on the map. Note, you may have to zoom in or turn off autoscaling if your map scale is outside of the autoscale settings for the layer(s) you chose. You can turn off autoscaling in the Display Manager by right-clicking on a layer and choosing Show Layer or by clicking the red magnifying glass icon next to the layer.
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