How do I download and use the Highway Exit and Interchange locations layers

The Highway Exit layer for Maptitude is accessible as a free download from our online store.  It is available to any user with the latest version of Maptitude. 


  1. Download the data from the Caliper Store.
  2. Once the files are downloaded, click OK, then click Install, and follow the prompts. The default save location is c:\ccdata.  We recommend saving to this location.
  3. To add the layer to a Maptitude map, open the map, choose Map>Layers, and click Add Layer in the Layers dialog box.
  4. Browse for the folder where the downloaded data are located (e.g., c:\ccdata) and find “ntHighwayExit.cdf” from this folder and click Open in the File Open dialog box.
  5. Maptitude adds the “Highway Exit” layer to the map. Close the layers dialog box to see the layer on the map.

The Highway Exit and Interchange locations layer comes with default symbol, label
and autoscale settings.  All of these can be adjusted to meet your own needs.

  1. Use the Find or Zoom tools to display your area of interest on the map.
  2. Click on the symbol icon to the left of the layer name to choose a different symbol.
  3. Double Click on the Layer Name to adjust the auto-scale settings in the Layer dialog.
  4. If you would like to modify the labels, click next to Highway Exit to open the Labels dialog box.
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