How do I use the Export to Excel tools with the free healthcare layers?

Maptitude makes it easy to create Excel reports. You can create a radius and quickly see information on all the locations within the circle. This includes locations in all layers apart from those in restricted HERE layers.

Once you have downloaded the free health data here, you can analyze healthcare locations using the export to Excel tools.

This Tech Tip shows how to work with the Radius and Export to Excel tools in Maptitude to find all of the healthcare providers, clinics, physicians, and/or hospitals within any radius of any location in the United States.

The following steps outline how to export data to Excel:

  1. Download the free healthcare data layers.
  2. Use the Map of United States option from the Home Window, to create a fresh map of the area you want to study.
  3. Click  on the Standard toolbar and add one or more of the healthcare layers you downloaded in step 1 to your map.
  4. Click  on the Drawing toolbar and click on the map at the location you want to study.
  5. Enter a radius and click OK. Maptitude draws a circle of the specified radius on the map centered at the point where you clicked.
  6. Right-click on the circle you created and choose Export to Excel.
  7. Enter a name for the file and click Save. Maptitude creates an Excel workbook file with one sheet for each of the layers you added to the map. For example, there may be a Hospital sheet that lists all of the hospitals within the radius you specified, a Physician sheet that lists all of the physicians within the radius you specified, etc. There will also be a sheet of Census overlay information that includes the population, income, and other demographics for the population within the radius you drew.
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