How do I name my drive-time rings and export the results to Excel?

Maptitude makes it easy to name and identify your drive-time rings and to quickly export a demographic report for those rings.

The following steps describe how to create named drive-time rings and export the result:
  1. Open or create a map that contains a point layer of the features with which you want to create the drive-time rings. (You can use Home Window to create a point layer from your own data or use the selection tools to choose features in any point layer.)
  2. Choose Tools>Routing & Directions>Drive-Time Rings to display the Drive-Time Rings toolbox.
  3. Click Select Locations button in the Drive-Time Rings toolbox.
  4. Choose the point layer to use from the Layer drop-down list.
  5. Choose whether to use all features or a selection set from the Using drop-down list.
  6. Specify the number and size of the rings to create.
  7. Check the Separate Rings box and choose the field in the point layer to use to name the rings from the Ring Names from drop-down list.
  8. Click Create Rings button in the Drive-Time Rings toolbox. Maptitude generates the rings, makes the rings the working layer, and displays them with a color theme using the name field you chose in the previous step.
  9. Make Drive Time Rings the working layer
  10. Click Export to Excel button on the Standard toolbar. Maptitude generates a demographic report and opens it in Excel. Click the Overlay tab to see the worksheet with income, population, household, and other demographics.
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