How do I locate data by coordinate using table formats such as comma separated?

To create the December 2016 snow fall featured map, we accessed data from the National Centers for Environmental Information. The data included longitude and latitude fields and we used these columns to locate a point for every county. This article shows how to map CSV coordinate data with Maptitude.


The following steps outline how to map CSV coordinate data:

  1. Your CSV file needs to have column headings. If these are missing you can add the first row of column names in an application such as Excel. Alternatively, you can open the CSV file in Maptitude and use Dataview>Table>Modify.
  2. In Maptitude choose Map>Add Table/Spreadsheet to a Map.
  3. Browse to your CSV file, making sure to specify CSV (Comma- or Tab-delimited Text) as the file type and click Open.
  4. Choose your Longitude and Latitude fields when prompted.
  5. Choose to Locate the records in your file by coordinates.
  6. Follow the remaining prompts until you are finished. Maptitude geocodes your points based on the coordinate data and displays a map of the locations.
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