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Maptitude AppGeo GPV Replacement

Alternative to AppGeo GPV (General Purpose Viewer)

Maptitude Online is the best alternative to the AppGeo GPV (General Purpose Viewer).

Maptitude Online provides all the resources you need to build and publish geospatial data, as well as unique features for developing and operating mobile web mapping apps and GIS online services on the Cloud. You can easily construct basic applications without scripting, utilizing an established framework and connecting it to your geographic information.

Maptitude supports an extensive list of file and data formats including those from Esri:

  • Esri Arc ASCII Grid ASC, ADF (Open)
  • Esri ArcMap Document (requires ArcMap to be installed) MXD (Export)
  • Esri ArcSDE File Geodatabase (requires ArcGIS to be installed) SDE (Open)
  • Esri ArcView 3.x Project files and Legend Files APR; AVL (Open)
  • Esri Feature Class (requires ArcGIS to be installed) GDB (Open)
  • Esri File Geodatabase (requires ArcGIS to be installed) GDB (Open)
  • Esri Export format files E00 (Open)
  • Esri Personal Geodatabase files MDB (Open)
  • Esri Shapefiles SHP (Open and Export)
  • Esri Ungenerate format files LIN; PTS (Open and Export)

Maptitude Online Sharing

Maptitude Online Sharing allows you to share the maps and reports that you create in Maptitude with people who don't have the desktop Maptitude software. The straight-forward publishing tools allow you to easily distribute your findings and results to those that need them within an organization and beyond.

Maptitude Online AppGeo GPV (General Purpose Viewer) replacement

Maptitude is competitively priced and enables organizations and businesses to use their location-based data to improve decision making. Why spend more for less?

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