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Maptitude Mapping Software

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Geocoding Mapping Software

Create-a-Map Wizard™ gives you start-to-finish assistance for locating (geocoding), geographically analyzing, and mapping your data. In a few easy steps, you can locate your customers, color code ZIP/Postal Codes with your sales data, build bands around your stores, and much more.

You can use the built-in geocoding tools to pin map your data. By locating a point feature for every record in your table you can see the distribution of your customers, facilities, or other resources.

Geocode your data to create pin maps with Maptitude batch geocoding software

Geocode your data with Maptitude batch geocoding software

Geocoding Features

  • Locate features by address, intersection, ZIP/Postal Code, town, coordinate, or by clicking on the map
  • Standardize addresses automatically
  • Choose the offset distance from the street
  • Choose whether to scatter locations when geocoding by postal code or city
  • Locate addresses without postal codes
  • Geocode automatically or use prompted geocoding
  • Choose the level of strictness for matching
  • Geocode using flexible matching that handles data errors in addresses and postal codes

See a video showing how to locate your data using Maptitude mapping software.

Batch geocode your data and spot hidden trends

Batch geocode your data and spot hidden trends

Identify valuable sites after batch geocoding your data

Identify valuable sites after batch geocoding your data

Application Development

Whether you use the in-process extension API or the out-of-process connection API, you can access more than 850 GIS functions. These functions include:

  • Geocoding street addresses using your licensed country data packages
  • Geocoding tables of street addresses
  • Reverse geocoding: obtaining information about all the map layers for an input geographic coordinate

Learn more about application development and see programming examples of batch geocoding addresses and tables using the Maptitude batch geocoding API.

“The single most important feature is unlimited geocoding on high quality and accurate street data. Address geocoding is fundamental to decisions based on geographic data. Maptitude provides tools to assess and review match success rates based on updatable and reliable street data, while providing alternative levels of accuracy and modifiable geocoding rules.”


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