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Maptitude Mapping Software

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Health Club, Wellness, and Fitness GIS Software

Fitness Club Members - Wellness Industry Customers

Maptitude is the best mapping software for gym, health, and fitness clubs. You can map your membership locations and member demographics and analyze your franchise territories.

Maptitude is an intuitive and easy-to-use business mapping application that provides location intelligence tools for health clubs and related industries that include: fitness training, dietary supplement sales, wellness consulting services, fitness equipment marketing, on-demand fitness services, insurance for fitness studios, fitness apparel businesses, and fitness industry professionals.

Whether you are a fitness establishment, that offers exercise machines and free weights, a boutique that provides specialized instruction and equipment, or a personal trainer, you typically rely on a monthly and annual membership business model. Because of this, knowing who your members are, and more importantly, where your members are, will allow you to grow your business and to explore new membership targeting opportunities.

Growing within your franchise territory makes it a necessity to know the location of competitors such as other gyms. Maptitude provides a comprehensive list of all fitness related business locations, along with their address and phone number. Whether you are conducting competitive analysis or selling your product and services into health clubs, Maptitude is a critical tool to ensure the success of your business. For more information, see the Maptitude franchise mapping page.

Health Club Real Estate - Gym Site Location

Identifying profitable real estate is a complex task, where a better understanding of location is key to ensuring that your investment is well made. Real estate professionals can use the location analytics and GIS (geographic information system) tools that Maptitude provides to reduce the costs and risks inherent in the site selection process while enabling the real estate team to make faster and more informed decisions.

With Maptitude you can analyze the location and characteristics of your membership. For example, gym member addresses can be color-coded based on club affiliation, and the patterns that emerge give insight into when and where to grow to meet demand and market opportunity. Using this information, you can better serve your existing members while identifying new locations based on expected membership numbers. For more information, see the Maptitude real estate mapping page.

Personal Fitness

Mapping is becoming ever more relevant to the average person’s everyday activities. From fitness trackers and activity and workout apps to cycling and running apps, people are using maps to visualize their fitness and to share those visualizations with others.

Google Maps and other navigation mapping is car-focused rather than pedestrian focused. This has resulted in fitness and sport-based applications using open and crowdsourced GIS data because it has often been created by the target community such as cyclists, mountain bikers, joggers, and hikers. Maptitude supports access to open data, in addition to providing an extensive commercial-grade data collection at no additional cost.



Maptitude gym membership software

Map gym membership to define territories and identify locations for health club franchise expansion

Maptitude wellness club territory mapping

Maptitude wellness club franchise territory mapping.

Maptitude fitness club mapping

Maptitude heat map of population lets you find locations underserved by fitness clubs

Maptitude health club franchise mapping

Use the demographic data included with Maptitude to study health club markets