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Telephone Area Code Mapping Software

The North American Numbering Plan (NANP) Area Code layer divides participating countries in North America into different areas, each with a unique 3-digit code to be used to create phone numbers in that area. It covers the United States, Canada and many Caribbean countries. Included with the Maptitude software is an area layer of the plan, with each area containing data on its given area code or codes, along with the name, state, and country of that area. This layer is very easy to integrate into other maps. Applications include:

  • Group telecommunications operations into areas based on the area codes they service
  • Map customer locations from just their telephone numbers to identify areas of high activity

Maptitude is competitively priced and enables organizations and businesses to use their location-based data to improve decision making. Why spend more for less?

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Maptitude telephone area code map software

Maptitude telephone area code map

Maptitude telephone area code mapping of customer data

Maptitude telephone area code mapping of customer data

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