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Maptitude for Redistricting

Alternative to FLO Analytics™ – FLO Redistricting Replacement

The professional application for electoral redistricting is Maptitude for Redistricting. A supermajority in state governments, political parties, and special interest groups make use of it. Maptitude for Redistricting, developed with the aid of redistricting experts, state legislators, and political parties, has the features redistricters want and is quick to understand and use.

 Maptitude for Redistricting is used for every type of redistricting application and it is based on Maptitude, a widely used geographical information system (GIS) and map software.

Maptitude for Redistricting FLO Analytics alternative

Maptitude for Redistricting FLO Analytics alternative

Maptitude Online Redistricting FLO Analytics replacement

Maptitude Online Redistricting FLO Analytics replacement

Maptitude for Redistricting FLO Analytics alternative

Maptitude for Redistricting web-based destrict viewer

Aaron Sankin“Over the ensuing years, Maptitude became the industry standard. It’s used by the national committees of the both the Democratic and Republican party, government organizations in over half of the 50 states, city and state governments from California to New Hampshire, as well has hundreds of educational institutions, nonprofit groups and corporations. It’s a powerful tool that brings in myriad data sets to show all the consequences of bunching homes into one group or another.”

Aaron Sankin
The Daily Dot

Brett Lucas“For GIS, Maptitude is hands down better. Tableau has a very limited built-in data set and map option.”

Brett Lucas
Senior Planner, City of Cheney WA

Natasha Hill“[FLO Software] was really like being on a dial-up network. You couldn't even see the whole map on your screen. I know people who write code, and if they showed me this I'd say, 'Well this is terrible.' ”

Natasha Hill
Spokane County Redistricting Committee

Julie String“Maptitude is a great GIS program that is infinitely easier to use than ArcGIS. I am a novice at GIS software, and I have access to both ArcGIS and Maptitude. Maptitude is significantly easier to use. ArcGIS is a very powerful sophisticated program, but it would take me weeks to learn to do some things that Maptitude does intuitively.”

Julie Strong

Case Study:

Maptitude for Redistricting FLO Analytics alternative How to Redistrict Political Boundaries

Maptitude for Redistricting Demo

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