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Maptitude Omnitracs Territory Planner Alternative

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Omnitracs Strategic Planner Replacement


Many companies and organizations ship goods from one or more core places to a variety of destinations. It is important to manage these operations efficiently, both to reduce operating costs and to ensure that pick-ups and deliveries comply with reasonable service standards.

Solving the question of vehicle routing includes deciding how many vehicles are needed to serve destinations, and designing a path and schedule for each. Since there are a number of variations in the problem, it can be quite challenging to solve. Maptitude offers a rich collection of vehicle routing resources to address various forms of routing problems.

Vehicle fleet routing in Maptitude Omnitracs Strategic Planner replacement

Vehicle routing with time windows, vehicle constraints, multiple depots, route length constraints, and mixed pickup and delivery are all possible with Maptitude alternative to Omnitracs Strategic Planner

Optimize delivery routes that service a number of locations with Maptitude Omnitracs Roadnet Transportation Suite (RTS) replacement

Optimize delivery routes with Maptitude Omnitracs Roadnet Transportation Suite (RTS) alternative

Maptitude alternative to Omnitracs Territory Planner can create territories based on the drive-time or distance

Maptitude can create territories based on drive-time making it an ideal alternative to Omnitracs Territory Planner

Multiple depot vehicle routing with Maptitude Omnitracs Strategic Planner alternative

An example of multiple depot routing using Maptitude alternative to Omnitracs Strategic Planner

Maptitude Users

There are many benefits when you use Maptitude as an alternative to Omnitracs™ Roadnet Transportation Suite, Territory Planner, and Strategic Planner:

√  Maptitude is the easiest-to-use full featured mapping software, and includes powerful tools such as multi-ring drive-time zones

√  Maptitude has no subscription fees, and supports secure off-line data storage

√  Maptitude provides fully customizable maps with unlimited point icons

√  Maptitude has unlimited pin-mapping/geocoding

√  Maptitude includes free mapping data and demographics covering everything from population statistics to business locations, postal/ZIP Codes, and more!

Using the Maptitude Routing Manager

This video provides step-by-step instructions for how to find and optimize routes.

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