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Redistricting Application

Maptitude Reapportionment App

What is the Best Redistricting Application?

The Maptitude for Redistricting application first shipped in 1997. Our clients have used the redistricting app to create thousands of redistricting plans. Today, 35+ states and many local governments, public interest groups, research facilities, political organizations, and the Department of Justice are using the latest version of the application for a range of activities including importing and analyzing existing plans, tracking changes in demographics, creating maps with the latest political data, building redistricting plans using estimated data, and preparing staff for each redistricting cycle. We provide software, data, training, and support services to these clients throughout the redistricting cycle.

Redistricting map created with Maptitude redistricting app

Districts created with Maptitude reapportionment application

A web-based version, Maptitude Online Redistricting, is suitable for individual citizens and legislators who wish to propose boundaries for their district or even an entire plan. Maptitude 2021 online solutions allow the public to perform DIY redistricting. This public mapping helps counter the gerrymandering of congressional districts and improves the redistricting process. There is also a version that runs as an extension to ArcGIS if you prefer working in that GIS environment.

To learn more about Maptitude for Redistricting, please see the Features page. For more information on the City/County Edition, contact Caliper Sales at or by phone at 617-527-4700.

Maptitude redistricting application

Redistricting application

The Maptitude redistricting application is the perfect solution for adding additional GIS users where Esri software is already in use. Maptitude:

  • Integrates with other vendor products by supporting formats such as Esri shapefiles, Esri geodatabases, and Esri ArcMap maps (more...)
  • Has lower costs, lower barriers to use, and a lower learning curve
  • Can be installed and used within minutes of receiving a download of the software
  • Has low IT support needs as an MS Office style application
  • Has low ongoing costs (one-off pricing with optional annual upgrades)
  • Is commonly used where there is already an Esri installation

Maptitude for Redistricting Demo:

Karl Aro

“It's light years ahead. The software can do so much more, so much more quickly.”

 Karl Aro
Director, Maryland Dept. of Legislative Services
Case Study

Law enforcement redistricting case studyCreating Transparency, Openness, and Trust: Modern Approaches to Redistricting

What is a Redistricting Application?

Redrawing the boundaries of congressional and state legislative districts is a process known as redistricting. Following the completion of the United States census, districts are redrawn every decade.

In the 2020 redistricting cycle, several applications give access to population and election data allowing people to design, alter, and share district maps based on factors including competitiveness and demography. Apps come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with some aimed at state governments and others at the public. Some programs offer datasets with different levels of depth and breadth, while others rely on user input.

Maptitude for Redistricting is the most widely used redistricting application.

Florida Legislature Districts MapFlorida Senate Districts Map Nevada Legislature Districts Map

Florida legislature districts map, Florida senate districts map, and Nevada legislature districts map