Maptitude 2015 Video Tutorials

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The videos below introduce you to Maptitude 2015 and demonstrate how quickly you can map your own data. Videos using the latest version of Maptitude are also available here. Please note, that while most of the exapmles in the demo use United States data, the functions and capabilites will work with whatever Country Package you have installed.

Maptitude Basics:

Creating a Map Video

Creating a General Purpose Map

Length: 02:32

Creating a general purpose map with Create-a-Map Wizard or the Map Librarian 

Creating a Map with Your Data Video

Basic Concepts

Length: 04:24

Basic Maptitude concepts including toolbars, help, shortcuts, context-sensitive menus, the working layer, and workspaces

Using Maptitude with Excel Video

Using Maptitude with Excel

Length: 16:02

Mapping your Excel data with Maptitude and using the results of your Maptitude analyses in Excel

Creating a Map with Your Data VideoCreating a Map Using Your Data

Length: 05:37

Using Create-a-Map Wizard™ to show your data joined to ZIP Codes and to geocode your data by street address  

Creating a Map with Your Data VideoCreating a Map Using Your Data: Part 2

Length: 01:38

Using Create-a-Map Wizard™ to geocode your data by street address to an open map 

Working with Maps:

Moving Around a Map Video

Moving Around a Map

Length: 02:59

How to zoom in and out on a map, pan a map, use the map locator, and find a particular location on a map

Working with Imagery Video

Using the Display Manager

Length: 03:09

How to change the contents, styles, and labels in a map with the Display Manager

Changing Map Styles Video

Working with Styles

Length: 02:12

Modifying the style of point, line, and area features  

Using Other Geographic File Formats Video

Using Other Geographic File Formats

Length: 02:09

Opening Shapefiles, adding Shapefiles to a map, and opening ArcView Project files

Customizing a Map Legend Video

Customizing a Map Legend

Length: 01:59

Changing the contents and appearance of a map legend

Creating Themes Video

Creating Thematic Maps

Length: 04:51

Using the MapWizards to create color, chart, dot-density, prism, and scaled-symbol thematic maps

Changing Map Labels Video

Working with Labels

Length: 03:29

Modifying layer, feature display, and individual labels in a map

Working with Imagery Video

Using Aerial and Satellite Imagery in a Map

Length: 03:10

How to access online image resources and add image files to a map  

Saving Maps to Graphics Formats Video

Saving Maps to Graphics Formats

Length: 03:03

Saving maps to different file formats and using them in other applications

Creating Masks Video

Creating Masks  

Length: 02:15

Creating masks that hide features outside of your area of interest 

Data Analysis:

Working with Data Video

Working with Data

Length: 03:56

Using the Info tool, displaying data in a dataview, and working with dataviews  

Working with Data Video

Joining Your Data to a Map

Length: 02:36

How to join data in a spreadsheet or table to a layer in a map 

Selection Sets VideoSelection Sets (Filters) 

Length: 07:55

Using the selection tools, selecting features by location or condition, combining selection sets, and computing statistics  

Working with Data VideoAttaching Data from Nearby Features 

Length: 02:49

How to tag features in a layer with data from nearby features in another layer 

Geographic Analysis:

Creating Bands Video

Creating Overlays & Rings

Length: 05:19

Estimating populations and creating circular rings around map features 

Creating Density Grids Video

Creating Hot Spots

Length: 01:52

Creating a density grid of "hot spots" based on features in a point layer  

Working with Measuring Distance and Area Video

Finding Distance, Area, & Proximity

Length: 02:46

Using the measuring tools and determining the proximity of map features

Finding Shortest Paths Video

Finding Shortest Paths

Length: 02:32

Using the Routing Toolbox to find a shortest or fastest route  

Creating Network Bands Video

Creating Drive-Time Zones 

Length: 02:12

Creating rings based on the drive time or distance to travel over roads/lines from one or more origins

Finding Shortest Paths Video

Creating a Pin Map 

Length: 03:54

Locating (geocoding) records on a map by address, ZIP Code, or pointing on a map map 

Building Territories

Creating Territories 

Length: 09:27

Creating territories based on proximity to map features or by grouping together areas