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4 Ways Maptitude Makes Data Science and Research Analysis More Efficient

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Author: Stewart Berry
Images: Dan Martin

Research analysts need to work with maps and data to provide actionable results to other teams. Franchisors and retailers need current and projected demographics. Hospitals and banks need their maps to be updated with the latest information. Maptitude makes it easier than ever to meet these needs. Here are 4 key areas where Maptitude will prove to be critical to your organization:

1. Powerful and Intuitive Analytics

"What If?" site exploration, a new clustering Wizard, and long haul and multi-vehicle trip modeling are just some of the analytics available in Maptitude.

Maptitude clustering and routing

Example: You have a list of customer sites that you need to service. Now you can cluster those locations and optimize the route for each group of destinations.

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2. Data

Maptitude includes the most up-to-date and accurate data available that encompasses expenditure, geodemographic segments, population projections, gross domestic product, medical and banking locations, branded business locations, traffic counts, and the tools to leverage this information to improve the location intelligence of any organization.

Maptitude 2020 Data

Example: You can perform an industry or competitor analysis to identify gaps in the market or the geodemographic profile for successful sites.

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3. Flexible File Format Support

Data scientists can access their favorite data sources in their preferred file formats. Interoperability with external data has been expanded with support for GeoJson and ERDAS Imagine® files, Esri ArcGIS® Pro, and third-party web service providers like Bing™.

Flexible file format support

Example: You can connect to external services such as Microsoft Bing to analyze driving, public transportation, or walking travel times, or real-time travel by arrival time, departure time, and date.

» Learn how in this video tutorial

4. Ease of Use

Maptitude is faster and has an array of usability enhancements.

Copy drawing objects to other maps

Example: Maptitude has all of the key features and tools of MapPoint, now including the ability to copy drawing items between maps. Maptitude has been the preferred choice for users of the obsolete MapPoint, to ensure the credibility of their reports that rely on current and reliable data.

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There are many more improvements in Maptitude. For more information on Maptitude GIS Software please visit

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