Stewart Berry

Stewart Berry

Stewart Berry is a Vice President for Caliper Corporation. His primary responsibility is strategic product planning and marketing to drive growth associated with new and existing products such as Maptitude. Stewart is known in the geospatial industry as an evangelist for easy-to-use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and writes on the topics of mapping, GIS, geospatial data, redistricting and trends in the GIS market.

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Stewart Berry discusses the top online mapping products for 2023.

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How to Automate Territory Optimization

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How to Perform Supply Chain Greenfield Analysis and Brownfield Analysis

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How Do I Make a Map Look Nice?

Stewart Berry discusses how you can make some minor modifications that uncover the trends hidden in your data and clearly convey them to your audience.

How Do I Map Businesses by ZIP Code?

Stewart Berry discusses ZIP Code NAICS business pattern data.

How do I map housing market data?

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How to use mapping software (GIS) tools to create efficient vaccination delivery routes

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Using Map Projections with Maptitude

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Mapbox, once touted as the opensource competitor to Google Maps, is no longer free

Stewart Berry discusses changes to Mapbox.

What Are the Best GIS Data Sources?

Stewart Berry discusses datasets that support successful mapping and problem solving.

What Is the Best Business Location?

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5 Tips for Mapping Multiple Stops

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Healthcare Market Analysis

Stewart Berry analyzes the landscape occupied by hospitals belonging to Ascension Health and HCA Healthcare health systems.

4 Ways Maptitude Makes Data Science and Research Analysis More Efficient

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Patriots/Gillette Stadium? Google Maps Says, "No Way"

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Where will the new Amazon HQ be? Is your city on the shortlist?

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Meet Stewart Berry of Caliper Corporation Mapping Software in Newton

Stewart Berry

What is the best sales territory alignment software for a startup?

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Big Brother Knows Where We Live: Share the Location!

Stewart Berry discusses open address point data.

From Quill Pens to GIS: The Career of a Geographer

Stewart Berry discusses the career of Maptitude user Susan Remer.

Google Earth Pro Exits Market: Location analysts faced with dwindling GIS software choices

Stewart Berry discusses the mapping options available with the discontinuation of Google Earth Pro.

Are Maps Killing Your Vote?

Stewart Berry discusses how the legislative redistricting process is done.

Mid-Term Follow-Up Assessment of a Disaggregate Land Use Model

Short-Term Follow-Up Assessment Of A Disaggregate Land Use Model