Tract-Level Census Transportation Planning Products (CTPP) 5-Year ACS Tabulations for Part 3: Worker Home-to-Work Flow Data Download

Registered TransCAD users in the United States can download the latest CTPP 5-Year 2006-2010 tabulations of tract-level journey-to-work data.

Because the TAZ flow data omit flows to TAZs that do not have resident populations (e.g., TAZs that contain only businesses, industry, etc.), a significant number of journey-to-work data are omitted. Because of this incompleteness in the TAZ level data, Caliper is instead offering two TransCAD matrices with nationwide Census Tract flows. Caliper expects to make the TAZ to TAZ flow data available as soon as it is corrected by the Census Bureau.

TransCAD matrix and map showing CTPP journey-to-work tabulations by Census Tract The CTPP Tract-Tract Small matrix showing the distribution of single-driver trips among Louisville area Census tracts is shown along with a TransCAD map with desire lines showing the flow from tracts to the CBD tract. A color theme on the tracts also shows the number of single-driver trips to the CBD originating within each tract.

The first, CTPP3 Tract-Tract Means7.mtx, has the sample estimate and margin of error fields for the journey to work with seven means of transportation, including total workers:

Workers 16+
Drove Alone
Public Trans
Worked at home

The second, CTPP3 Tract-Tract Small.mtx, has the sample estimate fields only from the following tables:

Table Number Content
Total Workers
B302101 Age of Worker
B302102 Industry
A302103 Means of Transportation
B302104 Time leaving home to go to work
B302105 Minority status
B302106 Travel time to work

The fields are:

Field Number Field Name
Workers 16+
B302101_002_EST Age 16-17
B302101_003_EST Age 18-24
B302101_004_EST Age 25-44
B302101_005_EST Age 45-59
B302101_006_EST Age 60-64
B302101_007_EST Age 65-74
B302101_008_EST Age 75+
B302102_002_EST Ind: Ag/forestry/fish/mine/const/AF
B302102_003_EST Ind: Manufacturing
B302102_004_EST Ind: Wholesale/retail/trans/warehouse
B302102_005_EST Ind: Info/finance/professional
B302102_006_EST Ind: Ed/health/soc services
B302102_007_EST Ind: Art/ent/rec/acc/food
B302102_008_EST Ind: Other services
A302103_002_EST Drove alone
A302103_003_EST 2-person carpool
A302103_004_EST 3-person carpool
A302103_005_EST 4-person carpool
A302103_006_EST 5-or-6-person carpool
A302103_007_EST 7+-person carpool
A302103_008_EST Bus or trolley bus
A302103_009_EST Streetcar or trolley car
A302103_010_EST Subway or elevated
A302103_011_EST Railroad
A302103_012_EST Ferryboat
A302103_013_EST Bicycle
A302103_014_EST Walked
A302103_015_EST Taxicab
A302103_016_EST Motorcycle
A302103_017_EST Other method
A302103_018_EST Worked at home
B302104_002_EST Did not work at home
B302104_003_EST Left for work 5-5:29am
B302104_004_EST Left for work 5:30-5:59am
B302104_005_EST Left for work 6-6:29am
B302104_006_EST Left for work 6:30-6:59am
B302104_007_EST Left for work 7-7:29am
B302104_008_EST Left for work 7:30-7:59am
B302104_009_EST Left for work 8-8:29am
B302104_010_EST Left for work 8:30-8:59am
B302104_011_EST Left for work 9-9:59am
B302104_012_EST Left for work 10-10:59am
B302104_013_EST Left for work 11-11:59am
B302104_014_EST Left for work 12-3:59pm
B302104_015_EST Left for work 4-11:59pm
B302104_016_EST Left for work 12-4:59am
B302105_002_EST White alone, not Hispanic
B302105_003_EST Other than white alone, not Hispanic
B302106_003_EST TT to work <5 min
B302106_004_EST TT to work 5-14 min
B302106_005_EST TT to work 15-19 min
B302106_006_EST TT to work 20-29 min
B302106_007_EST TT to work 30-44 min
B302106_008_EST TT to work 45-59 min
B302106_009_EST TT to work 60-74 min
B302106_010_EST TT to work 75-89 min
B302106_011_EST TT to work 90+ min

The matrices have the IDs of the Census Tract that are in the ccTract.cdf geographic file that is included with this package. The matrix view (MVW) file for each matrix uses the Tract field in the geographic file to label and sort the matrix.

For more information on CTPP, please see the Census Bureau's Census Transportation Planning Products page.

To download the CTPP tract-level
journey-to-work data:

  1. Login to the Caliper User Center.

 2. Once you are logged in, go to the Download Center.

 3. Click TransCAD Downloads.

 4. Click CTPP 5-Year ACS 2006-2010 Tabulation Part 3.

 5. Download the Caliper Download Manager program and run the program once it is downloaded.

  6. When prompted, enter your serial number and click OK.
Serial Number Prompt

  7. Make sure the CTPP 2006-2010 Tract-to-Tract Flow Matrices file is checked and click the Download button.
CTPP Data Download

      Once the download is complete, you can click the "Open Download Folder" link in the Download Manager to see the files on your computer. The download matrices and tract layer will be in a folder called CTPP 2006-2010 Tract-to-Tract Flow Matrices.

  8. Close the Download Manager.