For Immediate Release
November 4, 2011

Census 2010 Data Available for TransCAD

NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS (USA) - Current TransCAD users can now obtain the latest census geography with demographic data from the 2010 Census. The summary layers included with this download are: Tract, Place, Combined Statistical Area, Core Based Statistical Area, Core Based Statistical Area Metropolitan Divisions, County, and State.

Each of these files contain demographic variables based on the data reported in the 2010 Census and the American Community Survey. The 2010 Census was taken on April 1, 2010 and produced counts based on questions asked of each member of a household concerning their age, sex, race (one or more), Hispanic origin, relationship to the head of household, and whether they sometimes live somewhere else. The householder was also asked about additional people in the house and whether the house was owned (with or without a mortgage or loan), rented, or occupied without payment of rent. The American Community Survey (ACS) 5-Year Summary data, contains five-year estimates rather than counts, based on questions asked of about three million housing units annually, such as income, education, occupation, and mode of travel to work.

The following table lists the demographic data fields included with the U.S. Census geographic boundary layers available here for download:

2010 Census Demographic Data Fields:
Male Population
Female Population

Age<5 (Total, Male, & Female)
Age 5 to 9 (Total, Male, & Female) Female) Age 10 to 14 (Total, Male, & Female)
Age 15 to 17 (Total, Male, & Female)
Age 18 to 19 (Total, Male, & Female)
Age 20 (Total, Male, & Female)
Age 21 (Total, Male, & Female)
Age 22 to 24 (Total, Male, & Female)
Age 25 to 29 (Total, Male, & Female)
Age 30 to 34 (Total, Male, & Female)
Age 35 to 39 (Total, Male, & Female)
Age 40 to 44 (Total, Male, & Female)
Age 45 to 49 (Total, Male, & Female)
Age 50 to 54 (Total, Male, & Female)
Age 55 to 59 (Total, Male, & Female)
Age 60 to 61 (Total, Male, & Female)
Age 62 to 64 (Total, Male, & Female)
Age 65 to 66 (Total, Male, & Female)
Age 67 to 69 (Total, Male, & Female)
Age 70 to 74 (Total, Male, & Female)
Age 75 to 79 (Total, Male, & Female)
Age 80 to 84 (Total, Male, & Female)
Age 85+ (Total, Male, & Female)
Median Age (Total, Male, & Female)
Age 18+ (Total, Male, & Female)
Age 21+
Age 62+
Age 65+ (Total, Male, & Female)
1 Race
  American Indian
  Asian IndianChinese
  Other Asian
  Other Race
2+ Races
Part WhitePart Black
Part American Indian
Part Asian
Part Hawaiian
Part Other

Hispanic Origin
  Hispanic Mexican
  Hispanic Puerto Rican
  Hispanic Cuban
Not Hispanic or Latino
Not Hispanic White
People in Household
People in Family Household
  Householder (Total, Male, & Female)
  Other Relative
People in Non-Family Household
  Householder(Male & Female)
People in Group Quarters
  In Institutionalized Quarters
  In Non-institutionalized Quarters
Family Households
Family Households Husband/Wife
Family Households Other
  Male Householder
  Female Householder
Non-Family Households
  Living Alone
  Not Living Alone
Households w/ People <18
Households w/ People 65+
Average Household Size
Average Family Size

Housing Units (total, occupied, vacant, & seasonal)
Owner-Occupied Housing Units
Renter-Occupied Housing Units
Owner-Occ. Average Household Size
Renter-Occ. Average Household Size
2009 American Community Survey (ACS) 5-year Data Fields:
Median Household Income
Households with Income <$10,000
Households with Income $10,000-14,999
Households with Income $15,000-24,999

Households with Income $25,000-34,999
Households with Income $35,000-49,999
Households with Income $50,000-74,999
Households with Income $75,000-99,999

Households with Income $100,000-149,999
Households with Income $150,000-199,999
Households with Income $200,000+

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