Maptitude Case Study

How Digital Finance Analytics Assesses Financial Stress with Maptitude

Executive Summary

Digital Finance Analytics (DFA) is a boutique research and analysis company based in Australia, focusing on the finance and property market. They run continuous rolling household surveys examining household financial footprint, buying intentions, and cash flow.

From this information DFA estimates the current degree of financial stress – in cash flow terms, including mortgage stress, rental stress, and investor stress, to a post code level.

The most powerful way for them to present the results, direct for clients, and via their web and social media presence is using Maptitude. The geo-mapping capability enables DFA to present results quickly, and in a compelling way.

The Solution

DFA uses Maptitude to explore questions such as "Will the Australian Property Market Crash or Climb?". DFA uses Maptitude to visualize what their mortgage and rental stress consumer surveys are telling them about the market. The mapping of "stress" hotspots reveals where "risk areas" are situated, those locations susceptible to mortgage defaults and property price falls. Monitoring the distribution and prevalence of such areas allows better insight into the changing Australian Property market and the Australian economy as a whole going forward.

Maptitude eXPD8 Case Study Map

Without the analytical and visual capabilities of Maptitude, the work of DFA would be harder, and the results less attention-grabbing and less understandable. In particular, maps shared via social media gain attention from prospective clients, the media, and a wider audience, thus driving brand recognition and sales leads for DFA. Digital Finance Analytics are long time users of Maptitude and "recommend it wholeheartedly."

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Customer Profile:

Digital Finance Analytics (DFA) is an Australia-based research, analytics and consulting firm. DFA's work is often cited by major news publications such as ABC News, The Guardian, and The Daily Mail, among others. DFA's consulting customers includes a number of large financial institutions, fund managers, and financial sector regulators.

Digital Finance Analytics

Martin North“Maptitude helped me to quickly locate and exhibit post code hot spots across the country in an effective and attractive way - its turned my extensive datasets into compelling stories, and helped build credibility with my clients and the wider community.”

Martin North
Principal, Digital Finance Analytics