This macro creates an inventory for each map open in the current workspace. Details for each geographic file are provided. Note that the text item detailing the file directory can be scrolled and therefore no directory name is too long to be viewed.

To run this dialog box using the GISDK toolbox:


  1. Download the file GISDK_map inventory.ZIP and extract the file MAP INVENTORY.RSC. A good place to save the resource file is in the GISDK\Samples folder in the Maptitude program folder.
  2. Choose Tools-GIS Developer's Kit-GISDK Toolbar to open the GISDK toolbar.
  3. Compile this file in test mode using the first button (Compile).
  4. Run this dbox by clicking the second button (Test), typing the dbox name "map inventory", clicking the Dialog Box radio button, and clicking OK.