In current versions of Maptitude please use Tools>Routing & Directions>Distance and Travel Time Tables instead of this add-in.

The Nearby Features Add-In provides an easy way to find all those locations within a specified straight line (“as the crow flies”) distance of other locations and create a table with the results. This is particularly useful, for example, if you want to find all the customers or competitors within some distance of one of your stores. 

To install:*

  1. Download the file NearbyFeaturesAddin.exe.
  2. Open the file or choose the Run command from the Start menu, and browse to the NearbyFeaturesAddin.exe file in the folder where you downloaded the file.
  3. Click OK and follow the step-by-step instructions to install the add-in to the appropriate program folder  (e.g. C:\Program Files\Maptitude\)

*NOTE: The Nearby Features add-in works only with Maptitude 2023 or higher.

To use the Nearby Features Add-In

  1. Open a map that contains the layer(s) to use and, if necessary, use the selection tools to select features.
    (The example below shows a map with selection sets of airports and hotels on the landmark layer that is included with Maptitude.)
  2. Choose Tools>GIS Developer's Kit>Add-Ins>Nearby Features to open the Nearby Features dialog box.
  3. Choose the layer(s) to use for the origins and nearby features, choose the features to use, and choose a field to identify the records (ID, name, address, etc.) from the respective drop-down lists.
    (The example below shows the settings for finding hotels that are nearby the selected airports.)
  4. Enter the maximum distance to consider in the that are within box. If you are using area layers you can choose to consider features that are intersecting or contained.
    (The example below will find the hotels that are within 1 mile of each of the airports)
  5. Optionally you can:
    • Click Choose Fields and choose any additional fields to include in the resulting table
    • Specify a maximum number of nearby features to find for each origin
    • Choose whether or not to calculate the distance each nearby feature is to its origin and include that distance in the resulting table
  6. Click OK. Maptitude creates the nearby features table and displays it.

Nearby Features Add-in Example

The example above shows the settings for finding all of the hotels within one mile of selected airports in the Maptitude Landmark layer. The resulting table lists the origin airports in the first field, the name of each nearby hotel in the second field, and the distance the hotel is from its respective airport in the third field.