For Immediate Release
May 15, 2010

Maptitude for Redistricting Has Bipartisan Support from Democrats and Republicans

NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS (USA) – Caliper Corporation announced today that the two major political parties -- the Democratic National Commmittee and the Republican National Committee -- have selected Maptitude for Redistricting as their redistricting software for the upcoming round of redistricting. Both organizations have purchased multiple copies of the software along with redistricting datasets for a number of key states and plan to use the software in conjunction with the state parties and other political leaders from the states.

Maptitude for Redistricting is a special edition of Caliper Corporation’s Maptitude® Mapping Software. Maptitude for Redistricting creates redistricting plans by assigning area features to a district. Data values are automatically computed to reflect each district’s characteristics. Once area features have been assigned, they can be merged to create new district boundaries.

Caliper has demonstrated the software at numerous meetings and conferences and will be on the road in the upcoming months. The many new features, ease-of-use, and speed provided by Maptitude for Redistricting has continued to generate excitement throughout the redistricting community. Maptitude for Redistricting addresses the requirements and demands of redistricting via a user-friendly interface.

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