For Immediate Release
April 14, 2011

The New York State Redistricting Task Force, Assembly, Senate, and Many Counties are Using Maptitude for Redistricting

WASHINGTON DC (USA) - Caliper Corporation has merged the Census Bureau PL94-171 data for New York with the TIGER geographic files to create a complete dataset for redistricting. This data is now ready for the decennial redistricting process for use with Caliper Corporation's native Maptitude for Redistricting software or Maptitude for Redistricting Extension for ArcGIS.

Maptitude for Redistricting and its sister product, Maptitude for Precinct and Election Management, are used by the New York State Legislature, the New York State Redistricting Task Force, the New York City Board of Elections, and Nassau, Westchester, Dutchess, Erie, and many other counties throughout the state. For more information, please go to our web site,

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