For Immediate Release
November 14, 2011

Maptitude for Great Britain 6.0 is Released

NEWTON MA (USA) - Maptitude for Great Britain 6.0 continues to provide easy-to-use yet powerful mapping tools for the UK. This release provides significant new features, as well as updated data and demographics. New and improved features include:

  • Improved Create-a-Map Wizard:
    Create-a-Map Wizard is now more robust and easier to use than ever. When you map your own data, each step includes images and descriptive text for the various options so that you can understand and envision what each step will accomplish and determine what is best for your particular project. Further, the Create-a-Map Wizard maps display the latest geography and use the extensive style improvements of Maptitude 6.0 allowing you to quickly create professional and attractive maps.
  • New Default Maps and Data:
    New U.K. data sets provide access to up-to-date geographic information. Maptitude now includes a 2010 Ordnance Survey map, allowing accurate postcode locating and street visualization, plus robust data on which to calculate best routes, driving-distance rings, and driving-distance territories.

    Other new U.K. layers from Ordnance Survey include building footprints for urban locations, motorways, railroads, and landmarks. The Points of Interest layers contain hundreds of thousands of locations that range from community services to landmarks including schools, hospitals, and heritage sites.

    Maptitude for Great Britain 6.0 also ships with the latest quarter of postcode updates, ensuring that you are using the latest data. The postal boundaries include Sectors, Districts and Areas for Great Britain all with 2007 official estimates for population, age groups, and gender. There is also an updated point database of postcodes.
  • Enhanced Labeling Capabilities:
    Maptitude 6.0 has one of the most sophisticated labeling engines of any mapping software on the market. A complete overhaul of label handling for Maptitude 6.0 provides significantly improved label drawing performance. The automated Smart Alignment feature reduces label conflicts by intelligently placing labels around, along, and inside map features, while maximizing the number of items for which a label is displayed.
  • Territory Tools:
    In Maptitude 6.0 it is now possible to create overlapping territories or territories based on streets.

    There is a new Wizard for importing your data directly into a new territory layer. The tool can also create your districts based on selection sets. Further, the districts you create can be non-topological and overlap in as many places as required, and can be visualized using a new edge-based color theme.

    Your territories can be stored natively in Maptitude or in formats including Shapefile, Oracle Spatial, or SQL Server Spatial. These districts can also be manipulated, or created from scratch, using the new non-topological editing capabilities.

    The new street-based territory creation tool provides advanced zone creation capabilities. You can create districts around locations based on the time or distance it takes to travel along roads. Such districts can be weighted by the size of the facility, the number of clients, or the amount of revenue, ensuring that the most successful locations proportionately dominate smaller ones.

Additional information on the new features in Maptitude for Great Britain 6.0 are available on the New Features page of the Caliper web site.

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