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August 14, 2012

TransCAD 6.0 is Released

NEWTON MA (USA) - Caliper is pleased to announce the formal release of TransCAD 6, the most comprehensive and highest performance travel demand forecasting software available. Used by leading organizations all over the world, TransCAD integrates transportation analysis and forecasting procedures with geographic information system and database capabilities.

TransCAD now more fully exploits the latest generation of hardware with a native 64-bit implementation.  The 64-bit architecture supports the use of virtually unlimited memory and faster computation. Most of the computationally demanding analytic procedures have been multi-threaded resulting in significant performance speedups for travel forecasting models.  There is also a new multi-threaded matrix engine and a streamlined and efficient nested logit application module.

In TransCAD 6, the traffic assignment models have been further refined and accelerated. The ability to compute tightly converged assignments brings a new level of precision to impact analysis and the shorter running times mean that more model runs can be performed in a short time frame.

With this new version, TransCAD is now integrated with ArcGIS and works with native ESRI geo-databases of all types. As a result, TransCAD is now the most effective road network editor for ArcGIS users.

Transit enhancements include a multi-class assignment formulation with more realistic route choice models and explicit capacities for park and ride lots and routes along with more effective multi-threading.  TransCAD now supports GTFS file format input and GTFS-based best route solutions. It is now easier than ever to compute transit network bands to visualize transit accessibility and origin-destination transit travel times.

TransCAD shares an intersection control editor with TransModeler, Caliper’s traffic simulation software, providing data integration between planning and simulation models. The editor has been updated to support HCM 2010 calculations for signalized and unsignalized intersections. HCM 2010 calculations have also been implemented for two lane and multi-lane highways and roundabouts. 

There are many GIS and cartographic enhancements including support for SQL server spatial extensions, enhanced map styling and display control, and a completely new system for automated intelligent labeling. TransCAD 6 exports to Google kml and kmz formats, so that it can be used in conjunction with Google Earth.

Caliper now offers nationwide and region-level NAVTEQ files for the U.S. and many other countries as an option for TransCAD, along with specialized tools for using NAVTEQ-based networks for routing, facility location, and logistics analysis.  For U.S. users and some other countries, TransCAD also comes with the latest census data and postal codes.   

Version 6 has thoroughly updated documentation and tutorials. The documentation is provided electronically as part of the software, and printed manuals are also available.

TransCAD 6 will shortly be distributed to users who are under maintenance agreements.

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