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May 13, 2014

Caliper Granted a Patent on Lane-level Vehicle Routing

NEWTON, MA (USA) - Caliper Corporation is pleased to announce that it was recently granted U.S. Patent No. 8,484,002 on lane-level routing of individual and multiple vehicles through regional networks. This invention enables more efficient navigation for individual road users and more effective management of traffic flow and congestion mitigation on a wide area scale. It also provides a solution for more effective evacuation planning and work zone management.

Caliper was previously granted U.S. Patent No. 7,155,376 on a system for traffic data, asset management, and traffic simulation based upon a 4-D geographic information system (GIS) database with lane level and intersection area detail. As incorporated in our TransModeler® traffic simulation software, this system provides the most realistic representation of traffic flows and an effective means of analyzing and improving traffic flow through network enhancements and improved traffic management.

TransModeler is the world's most advanced and powerful traffic simulator and is capable of simulating large regional transportation networks at the individual vehicle level. TransModeler simulates individual vehicles with 0.1 second fidelity, models various types of driver behavior including aggressiveness in car-following and lane-changing, simulates pre-timed and actuated traffic signals, message signs and other intelligent transportation systems (ITS) mechanisms including dynamic tolling of highway facilities, and can be used to analyze futuristic systems such as autonomous, self-driving vehicles.

Based upon the new patent, TransModeler will be extended to recommend and evaluate alternative lane-level routings for individual vehicles. Unlike systems that rely solely on current and/or historical conditions, the use of simulation to evaluate navigation recommendations will provide more reliable, consistent, and efficient routings. It will also provide the basis for more effective pre-planned and real time traffic management systems.

Caliper is excited to be able to bring the power and flexibility of our TransModeler software to an ever increasing set of transportation solutions.

Questions about TransModeler can be directed to Daniel Morgan or Howard Slavin at +1 617-527-4700, or can be sent via e-mail to

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