For Immediate Release
November 25, 2019

Caliper Maps How Differential Privacy Will Affect 2020 Census Counts

NEWTON, MA (USA) - The U.S. Census Bureau has changed the way it ensures privacy for the 2020 Census. The new method is called Differential Privacy (DP). To help people assess some of the implications and unintended consequences of Differential Privacy, Caliper is providing several interactive maps for public inspection. These maps, created with Caliper's Maptitude mapping software, can be found on the Caliper website at

Two of the maps examine current Congressional Districts and the extent to which Differential Privacy would have effected the 2010 Census population counts used to create these districts. One shows how the overall population of the districts would be quite different and the other shows that there would be an overall higher rural population count.

Another map examines the change in population at a much smaller level by comparing the adult population of TAZs (travel analysis zones or traffic analysis zones) after applying Differential Privacy. This map illustrates the wide variability of the effect of DP within a city, town, or county.

Maptitude differential maps

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