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December 18, 2019

Maptitude Team Supports UTDallas GIS Day Events

NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS (USA) - On November 13th 2019, the University of Texas at Dallas hosted their 10th annual GIS day, an opportunity for the school to show off their Geospatial Information Sciences (GIS) program through a series of campus events. UTDallas offers a minor, bachelor’s, master’s and PHD in GIS as well as three different GIS-related graduate certifications.

GIS Day is an annual celebration of the myriad uses and benefits of GIS technology. Since its genesis in 1999, GIS scholars and event organizers around the world consider GIS Day an ideal time to inform the general public about GIS and its uses, as well as promote new opportunities related to the world of mapping.

This year’s events featured a panel of GIS professionals from organizations such as Google, the Dallas Fire-Rescue Department, and the University of Texas, as well as a student poster competition featuring the GIS work of student researchers. Also this year, student attendees were given a Maptitude demonstration, showing off how the GIS program can be used for spatial analysis.

Caliper is excited to support the GIS Day event. "The ease-of-use, integration, and common GIS tools provided in Maptitude facilitate the adoption of GIS by a broader range of students," said Stewart Berry, vice president of product management, mapping software at Caliper. "Maptitude has proven to be an excellent tool for students studying GIS, business geography, location intelligence, and environmental issues. The software integrates well with other vendor products, and natively supports formats such as Shapefiles. This allows students to get up and running quickly with an integrated and commercial grade GIS while being able to use the software at school and at home for coursework and research."

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