For Immediate Release
April 26, 2021

Florida DOT (FDOT) Chooses Caliper for Traffic Modeling Solutions

NEWTON, MA (USA) - The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) recently chose Caliper Corporation as one of its primary providers of traffic modeling solutions.

TransCAD is the world's most effective travel demand modeling software featuring the broadest functionality and highest computational performance available. TransCAD includes an embedded GIS for data management, is used for modeling at the city, region, and national scales, and is applicable to all forms of passenger and freight transport.

In the United States, TransCAD is used by a majority of State Departments of Transportation and more than two-thirds of regional planning authorities for their modeling work. In addition, it is the modeling solution used in many world cities in Europe, Asia, and South America, and it is used for teaching travel demand modeling in leading universities worldwide.

TransModeler is the most advanced traffic simulator available providing high fidelity microscopic traffic simulation, mesoscopic simulation, and hybrid meso-micro simulation on the same platform. TransModeler has unique capabilities for modeling toll facilities and new technologies such as connected and automated vehicles. TransModeler has successfully performed the largest traffic simulations and has an unprecedented level of performance for regionwide dynamic traffic assignment models.

Together, TransCAD and TransModeler offer the FDOT the integrated, multiresolution suite of multimodal traffic planning and analysis tools that will better empower the FDOT to address the transportation system needs and challenges of the third-most populous state in the U.S., both today and tomorrow.

As Vince Bernardin, Caliper's Vice President of Transportation Demand Analytics, said, “The superior methods and algorithms for modeling in TransCAD and TransModeler, combined with their ease of use, will bring a whole new level of capabilities to modelers in Florida.”

About Caliper

Caliper Corporation develops state-of-the-art Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software. Caliper is a privately held corporation and is a leading developer of mapping, redistricting, transportation, and GIS software.