For Immediate Release
March 10, 2023

Introducing the Equity Analysis Radius Map Tool

NEWTON, MA (USA) - We are proud to share the Screening Tool for Equity Analysis of Projects (STEAP). STEAP, a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) web application, is a powerful radius map tool that permits rapid identification of potential project locations anywhere in the United States.

The application is based on TransCAD for the Web and Maptitude Online technology, and was recently listed on the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation website and announced by the US Department of Transportation. STEAP provides the ability to identify transportation project impacts on marginalized populations based on race, color, national origin, limited English language proficiency, and minority, disadvantaged, and low-income status (Environmental Justice).

STEAP has a simple user interface that allows you to select existing highways or to draw lines of proposed roadways on the map. Maptitude Online then computes the characteristics of the population within the user-selected buffer of the road or corridor. STEAP allows FHWA and state or other local transportation agencies to generate equity analysis project profile reports without the need for geographic information system (GIS) specialists to perform the work.

STEAP Equity Analysis Radius Map Tool

“The Screening Tool for Equity Analysis of Projects permits rapid screening of project locations anywhere in the US and has an easy to use graphic user interface where users can specify project locations on the map. This no longer require GIS specialists to perform project buffer analysis and can generate easy-to-read reports.”

Supin Yoder
Travel Demand Forecasting Specialist
Federal Highway Administration

Caliper products include an extensive range of sophisticated radius map tools to create buffers and driving radius maps. These can be utilized online, in the Cloud, or on the desktop. For questions or further information, contact Stewart Berry at

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Caliper Corporation develops state-of-the-art Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software, and is a prominent U.S. transportation software, consulting, and research firm. The Caliper software suite includes TransCAD transportation planning and logistics software and TransModeler traffic engineering and traffic simulation software. With a focus on usability, Maptitude mapping software is designed to be a cost-effective, professional mapping software product. Maptitude enables organizations to leverage their location-based data to improve decision making and planning, while minimizing expenditure through competitively priced solutions.

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