For Immediate Release
April 17, 2023

Caliper is pleased to announce the release of TransModeler Version 7

NEWTON, MA (USA) - Caliper is pleased to announce the release of TransModeler Version 7. TransModeler is the most versatile and powerful traffic simulator available and is the tool of choice for the most challenging traffic simulation projects. TransModeler is the Digital Twin that provides the most realistic simulations of multi-modal traffic operations on road networks covering a corridor or an entire metropolitan area.

Version 7 makes model development easier, model running times faster, performance measures more accurate, and 3D animation more stunning. Most importantly, decisions that are based on TransModeler applications will be more robust and reliable given the increased fidelity of TransModeler simulations of varied present and future scenarios encompassing such innovations as novel intersections, dynamic tolling, connected and autonomous vehicles, advanced ramp metering strategies, reversible lanes, and improved traffic signal optimization strategies. Version 7 also makes great strides in improving the user experience in building and applying simulation models in less time, with less effort, and at much lower cost.

TransModeler 7 integrates automated traffic signal performance measures (ATSPMs) with microsimulation, placing powerful, high-fidelity microsimulation at the fingertips of engineers designing and deploying ATSPM systems and of modelers seeking to analyze traffic signal systems performance with new, insightful performance measures.

Application programming interface (API) improvements and illustrative code examples provide users with the freedom to test their own innovative traffic strategies and hardware-in-the-loop support can lead to deployment of more effective traffic control systems. Now supporting in-process Python scripting, Python programmers can customize and extend TransModeler more efficiently.

Multi-resolution modeling (MRM) has never been easier and, with the unparalleled scalability of TransModeler, region-wide dynamic traffic assignment (DTA) models can use microscopic, mesoscopic, and hybrid meso-micro loading models. Other enhancements for DTA include support for increased mesoscopic model fidelity, activity-based model (ABM) trips and tours, time-dependent lane use permissions, and time-dependent traffic signal settings.

Caliper is the leading U.S. developer of transportation planning and traffic simulation software with thousands of users in over 90 countries. In addition to TransModeler, Caliper is the developer of TransCAD, America’s most popular transportation planning software and Maptitude, the most effective mapping software for business applications. For more information on TransModeler, please contact Daniel Morgan (

TransModeler 7