Transography Data Products and Services

TransOgraphyCaliper Corporation’s Transography™ U.S. data products and data processing services provide unprecedented levels of insights and accuracy for transportation modeling and analysis and many related applications. The Transography offerings draw from and fuse numerous diverse sources of information from cell phone apps, connected vehicle data, real time monitoring of travel speeds, proprietary network and GIS data, and demographics to offer both custom and standard solutions for transportation data needs. We use our GIS, transportation modeling, computing, and data science expertise together with top-quality big data to produce the finest data products available.

Some of what the Transography service offers include the following:

Origin-Destination Matrices and Origin-Destination Queries

  • By time-of-day and by various custom trip purposes
  • Car and truck volumes
  • Volumes adjusted to Traffic Counts
  • Identification of Long Haul Trucking Corridors and Large Truck Movements by Route
  • Select Link Origins and Destinations by time-of-day
  • Through traffic
Time-of-day origin-desination matrix

Travel Times, Travel Distances, Travel Speeds, and Skims

  • Point to point with unlimited origins and destinations
  • Block to block (A matrix with 8 million rows and columns)
  • Block Group to Block Group
  • ZIP Code to ZIP Code
  • TAZ to TAZ
  • By Time of Day

Travel Destinations, Routes, Trajectories, and Bottlenecks

  • Localized motorized trip attraction and production rates for different land uses and densities
  • Activity center hot spots
  • Vehicle trajectories
  • Corridor Level Performance Analysis
Land use and traffic bottlenecks

Visitor Travel Patterns

  • Internal Traffic
  • Home locations of visitors
  • Mode share for arrivals

Synthetic Populations, Enhanced Census Data, and Travel Diaries

  • Synthetic populations for custom demographics and cross-tabs
  • Comprehensive Census Data Access and Data Enrichment
  • Various Custom Metrics for model calibration (e.g., tour frequencies, durations, number of intermediate stops, etc.)

Routable Up-to-date Transportation Networks for Every Application

  • National Road Network
  • National Rail Network
  • All Streets Networks
  • Lane-level networks for microsimulation

The national networks come with a rich set of attributes considerably beyond those typically provided by navigation vendors and services. These include functional class, number of lanes, and estimated average daily traffic for roads. For rail, the network comes with type of service, ownership, and trackage/haulage rights. The street networks come with address ranges for geocoding. The lane level networks are simulation ready for TransModeler and are provided with appropriate intersection detail. The street networks come with address ranges that are suitable for geocoding.

Isochrones and Drive-Time Rings

  • Travel-time contours
  • Drive-time bands
  • Drive-time demographics
Travel-time bands

Accessibility Calculations for Car, Transit, Bicycle, and Walking

  • Regionwide, Statewide, and Beyond
  • Measure access to jobs
  • Evaluate and rate projects
  • Equity analysis
Walk accessibility to medical facilities

Vehicle Routing

  • Minimum travel time and distance routes
  • Truck routing with multiple stops, vehicle capacities, and time windows
  • Custom routing solutions such as optimal arc routing
Vehicle routing

Market and Service Area Delineation/Characterization

  • Store market area extents and demographics
  • Market area overlaps and market share computations
  • Service and Territory Area Construction
  • Target Market Reach & Coverage for retail networks
  • Facility location
Market delineation

Costco (left) store and Von's (right) store market areas in Clark County, Nevada

Transportation Network Development, Editing, and Project Coding

  • Updating and geographic realignment
  • Network Conflation Services to more accurate geography and to add attributes from other sources such as HPMS
  • Lane-level mapping
Geographic realignment

Before and after a future interstate project development

Caliper Corporation’s Transography transportation data service exists to propel transportation models and the decisions that rely upon them to new levels of accuracy, reliability, and validity. There is no one way to process Big Data, no one way to filter Big Data, and no one way to expand Big Data to represent all travel. In fact, each application may pose unique challenges. The Transography data products are curated by expert travel, traffic, and freight modelers to serve modelers and decisionmakers in the best possible way. We make use of advanced algorithms, machine learning, and unique additional data to improve its accuracy and utility. Transography data products are available to Maptitude, TransCAD, and TransModeler users, and most can be also be provided in other formats. The data are also available optionally with the Maptitude SaaS and TransCAD online to the users of your choosing within your organization .

Caliper is now your preferred source for Big Data tailored to your needs and provided in the formats that are most useful. Be it location-based data from cell phone apps or connected vehicles, our Transography service can provide data to improve business processes and forecasting models of all types at very competitive prices.

If you have already licensed data from some primary sources, Caliper can process that data for you using our efficient cloud-based pipelines. We have expertise in processing data from cell phone app data vendors, Wejo, ATRI, HERE, and INRIX. We can deliver data in Caliper and many other popular formats.

Pay only for what you need and receive a further discount when the data are used by Caliper in a consulting or research project for your organization.

For more information, please contact Dr. Vince Bernardin, Jr., Vice President of Travel Demand Analytics.