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Maptitude for the Web

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Add Interactive Maps to Your Website

Below are some web sites developed using Maptitude web mapping software. Our mapping software make it easy to develop interactive mapping applications for the Internet.

Caliper also provides comprehensive web GIS application development services. We specialize in designing, implementing, and integrating GIS applications and web services for large enterprises and government organizations. More...

For a demonstration of our web mapping technology, try any of the following links:
MassStats website This application lets you see and query crime, demographic, economic, education, environmental, health, housing, political, and transportation statistics by city and town in Massachusetts. The application is entirely written in ASP.NET and uses all of the controls shipped with Maptitude for the Web.
MassStats website USDOT Federal Highway Administration HEPGIS This application lets you see maps of economically distressed areas, Census demographics, highway systems, metropolitan planning organizations, federal lands, and freight flows.
Maptitude Online Redistricting Maptitude Online Redistricting is web-based redistricting software designed for governments or organizations that want to provide their members or the general public with a means to draw and report redistricting plans. Plans developed online can be electronically submitted to the central redistricting office, opened in the PC-based software, and analyzed to the full extent as if they had been created using the PC-based software.