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TransCAD is compatible with other database, GIS, and CAD systems

TransCAD supports over 50 file types and more than 100 GIS and CAD formats. You can map Esri Shapefiles, MapInfo TAB files, and Oracle Spatial or Microsoft SQL Server tables directly, or use the built-in translators to import geographic data from a variety of other software packages and public sources. This extensive library of importers and exporters (see the table below) is one of the largest in the industry and comes at no additional charge. This makes TransCAD the perfect choice for a new GIS purchase because you can work with your existing installation or easily migrate your data from your current GIS software.

You can also use raster images such as satellite or aerial photographs directly in your maps. TransCAD includes toolboxes for quickly accessing on-line images from OpenGIS Web Map Services and Google Earth. These images can be used as a means of reference or in conjunction with the map editing tools to create or edit geographic files.

A built-in interface to Global Positioning System (GPS) devices lets you track and record your location and build geographic databases as you work. With a GPS and a laptop, users in the field can create accurate geographic files of public utilities, corporate facilities, geographic features, and more.

Map, GIS, and CAD formats supported in TransCAD Import Open Export
AutoCAD Drawing Exchange format files (version R14 and earlier) .DXF Open - Export
Caliper Compact Data Format files .CDF N/A Open Export
Caliper Route System Data Format files .RTS N/A Open -
Caliper Standard Data Format files .DBD N/A Open Export
Digital Elevation Model files (USGS, NOAA, DTED, Esri Binary) .DEM; .G03; .G98; .DT0; .DT1; .DT2; .FLT Open - -
Digital Line Graph format files (USGS, NWI, NATSGO, STATSGO, SURGO) .DLG; .OPT; .STD; .LGO; .LGS; .GRF;
.0AF; .0SF; .ATT; .SYM
Open - -
Digitizing tablets Wintab compliant drivers - Open -
Esri ArcMap Document (requires ArcMap to be installed) .MXD - - Export
Esri ArcView 3.x Project files and Legend Files .APR; .AVL - Open -
Esri Export format files .E00 Open - -
Esri Personal Geodatabase files .MDB Open Open -
Esri Shapefiles .SHP Open Open Export
Esri Ungenerate format files .LIN;.PTS Open - Export
ETAK MapBase format files .MBS Open - -
Google Keyhole Markup Language Files .KML; .KMZ - - Export
GPS playback data files .GPS - Open Export
GPS device serial port NMEA 0183 - Open -
GPX GPS Exchange format .GPX Open -  
Intergraph Design files (ISFF or V7) .DGN Open - -
Interim Terrain Data (ITD) files .SLF Open - -
MapInfo Interchange Format files .MIF Open - Export
MapInfo TAB files .TAB Open Open -
Metadata (Federal Geographic Data Committee standard) .MET - Open Export
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Spatial Layer MSSQL; .MDF Open Open Export
National Transportation Atlas Dataset (NTAD) format files .PNT; .LNK; .NOD; .GEO; Open - -
ODBC database with coordinates for points files ODBC (SQL etc.) Open Open -
OpenStreetMap files OSM Open - -
Oracle Version 11G (and previous versions e.g., 7, 8i) Oracle Spatial databases SDO Open Open Export
Ordnance Survey NTF format files .NTF Open - -
Planning Interim Terrain Data (PITD) .SLF Open - -
Spatial Data Transfer Standard (SDTS) files .DDF Open - -
Strategic Mapping (Atlas) Boundary ASCII format files .BNA Open - Export
TIGER/Line files (TIGER 1990-2006, TIGER Compressed) .F41; .F51; .F61; .BW1; .RT1; .ZIP; .TX1 Open - -
U.S. Geological Survey Land Use and Land Cover (LULC) files .GIR Open - -
Vector Product Format (VPF) files   Open - -
Image (raster/vector) formats supported in TransCAD   Open Export
Bitmap (including True Color) .BMP   Open Export
Enhanced Compressed Wavelet .ECW   Open -
Enhanced metafile .EMF   - Export
GeoTIFF .TIF   Open -
GIF .GIF   Open Export
Icon images .ICO   Open -
JPEG .JPG; .JPEG   Open Export
JPEG2000 .JP2   Open -
MrSID (Multiresolution Seamless Image Database) .SID   Open -
MrSID Generation 3 .SID   Open -
Portable Document Format (requires PDF printer driver) .PDF   - Export
Portable Network Graphics .PNG   Open Export
SPOT MetroView satellite images .BIL; .TIF   Open -
SPOTView satellite images .BIL; .TIF   Open -
TIFF .TIF   Open Export
U.S. Geological Survey digital rectified aerial photographs (Digital Orthophotos, including Digital Orthophoto Quarter Quad image format DOQ; DOQQ   Open -
Database/table/spreadsheet formats supported in TransCAD Import Open Export
All ODBC sources (e.g., Access, DB2, Informix, Ingres, InterBase, NetWare SQL, Paradox, Progress, SQL Base, SQL Server, Sybase)   Open Open -
Caliper dataview .DVW N/A Open Export
Caliper fixed-format binary .BIN N/A Open Export
Comma- and tab-delimited text (read-only) .CSV; .TXT Open Open Export
dBASE/FoxPro/X-base .DBF Open Open Export
Fixed-format text .ASC Open Open Export
HTML table .HTM - - Export
Microsoft Access tables .MDB; .ACCDB Open Open -
Microsoft Excel (Worksheet, XML, Binary, Macros) (read-only) .XLS; .XLSX; .XLSM Open Open Export
Microsoft SQL Server Table MSSQLD Open Open -
ODBC SQL Query (ODBCQ) ODBCQ Open Open -
ODBC table (ODBC) ODBC (SQL,etc.) Open Open -
Oracle tables .NTF Open Open -
Multimedia formats supported in TransCAD   Open Export
Windows Media Video .WMV   Open Export
Image Servers supported by TransCAD   Open Export
Google Earth satellite images     Open Export
Microsoft/USGS MSR Maps     Open -
OGC WMS Open GIS Consortium "WMS" standard for image servers     Open -