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TransModeler Traffic Simulation Software

TransModeler has a powerful, built-in Unity™ 3D Viewer to help you showcase your project to technical and non-technical audiences alike. TransModeler will supply the roads and vehicles, and you can complete the scene with buildings, trees, and other objects from a library of 3D models that install with TransModeler or from your own custom models created with other 3D modeling software. You can also create custom flight paths through the study area and record them to video directly in the 3D Viewer. With TransModeler, you can produce professional and dynamic visual aids without having to purchase additional, expensive 3D modeling software or transfer street geometrics and vehicle trajectories between software platforms. Below are a variety of videos showing 3D simulations created with TransModeler.

Jacksonville, Florida

Acosta Bridge, Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, Florida

Needham, Massachusetts

Needham Center Train Station, Needham, Massachusetts

Great Plain Ave, Needham, Massachusetts

Louisville, Kentucky

Eureka, California Waterfront

Downtown Buffalo, New York

Downtown Los Angeles, California

Ted Williams Tunnel, Boston, Massachusetts

Buffalo simulations courtesy of GBNRTC

If you would like to share your TransModeler videos on this page, please contact Daniel Morgan.