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Maptitude for the Web

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Licensing Maptitude for the Web

Maptitude for the Web is licensed for a single computer and costs $5000. The license entitles the user to create, test, publish and run web applications on an intranet or the Internet using Maptitude for the Web. The recommended enterprise configuration is two licenses: one used for development and one used on a server for the public web site.

The license is controlled by a hardware or a software key that must be on a computer for Maptitude for the Web to operate. The license must be updated annually for Maptitude for the Web to continue to operate. Maptitude for the Web licenses can be purchased and renewed based upon the following schedule:

Maptitude for the Web Price  
New Maptitude for the Web 12-Month License
Maptitude Order Form (PDF)
Maptitude for the Web Upgrade* Price  
Maptitude for the Web Upgrade for non-expired licenses
Maptitude Order Form (PDF)
Maptitude for the Web Upgrade for expired licenses
US$3000  Maptitude Order Form (PDF)
Annual License Renewal** Price  
Yearly Runtime License for Existing Maptitude for the Web Users (any version)
US$3000  Maptitude Order Form (PDF)
Enterprise Support/Application Development Package Price  
10-Hour Prepaid Consulting by phone, email, and/or GoToMeeting
US$2500  Maptitude Order Form (PDF)

Prices are in U.S. Dollars and exclude shipping. Orders received before 3pm (Eastern Time) will be processed the same day. Orders received after 3pm usually ship same day, but may be processed on the next business day.

  * Software upgrade only. Does not include annual license renewal.       
** License renewal only. Does not include software upgrades.