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Maptitude Featured Map Infographic:
Maptitude 2015 Map of Selected Warehouse Club and Grocery Locations from the MapPoint Megafile (USA)

Maptitude is the best mapping software for business intelligence! The Point Of Interest (POI) Megafile is a Microsoft Streets and Trips (S&T) map containing thousands of travel-related locations in over 220 pushpin layers. The locations include retail chains, rest areas, state parks, restaurants, campgrounds and more, and was popular with Microsoft MapPoint users. This map, made with Maptitude, shows the locations of Walmart, Costco, Trader Joe's, and Whole Foods stores as listed in the March 2013 POI Megafile. Maptitude includes an extensive database of business locations at no additional charge. These can be used with your own data or with store listings from other sources.

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Microsoft points of interest megafile

Map: Created with Maptitude Mapping Software by Caliper, March 2015
Source: 2013 POI Megafile