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Maptitude Featured Map Infographic:
Natural Gas Consumption & Production by State

Maptitude is the best mapping software for business intelligence! This Maptitude map shows production and consumption of natural gas by state measured in million cubic feet (MMcf). The largest producers of natural gas are Texas (7,071,203 MMcf), Pennsylvania (4,759,441 MMcf), and Oklahoma (2,336,234 MMcf). Six other states (WY, LA, CO, WV, NM, and AR) also produced over 1,000,000 MMcf of natural gas in 2015. The largest consumers of natural gas are Texas (4,139,551 MMcf), California (2,309,759 MMcf), and Louisiana (1,465,495 MMcf). Three other states (NY, FL, and PA) also consumed over 1,000,000 MMcf.

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Maptitude map of natural gas consumption and production by state 

Map: Created with Maptitude Mapping Software by Caliper, September 2017