Maptitude Team Provides Free Geospatial Technology to Students or Educators

Caliper Corporation will donate one-year licenses of Maptitude mapping software ( for student use.*

The skills learned by students of business geography and Geographical Information Science (GIS) are in high demand. The geospatial analytics market is expected to be worth $72.21 Billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 21.4% according to MarketsandMarkets. Jobs such as “market research analyst” or “operations research analyst” involve studying market conditions and choosing advantageous store locations and are ranked by Kiplinger as top 10 careers through 2025, with an employment growth rate projected to exceed 100,000 added jobs per year in the United States.

The Maptitude mapping software team is proud to be able to support a program that benefits students from K-12 to higher education, with the goal of helping develop business professionals who can fully utilize and apply geospatial techniques. Maptitude is already widely used in business, including for delivery optimization, market/territory balancing, retail site analysis, and customer and demographic targeting.

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Grant Thrall

“The software's user-friendly interface is perfect for students, who often have limited time to learn their GIS software before they need to begin mapping and analyzing data. Caliper has been very supportive of my and the Miller Center’s GeoSpatial initiative by providing, at no cost, current versions of Maptitude for students [to] use during the semester or year that the student is working with me. A clear benefit to those students is that when they enter the job market, they come equipped with the technology and knowledge that 21st Century employers look for that differentiate employee prospects.”

Grant Ian Thrall
University of Florida

Aniruddha Banerjee

“I teach ArcGIS and QGIS along with Maptitude and TransCAD. QGIS is quite good but has almost no network GIS capabilities. ArcGIS is the worst boondoggle of all! The network analyst is loosely coupled so that if you want to change a network you have to do it in ArcCatalog from scratch. GIS is about distance, topology, spatial grouping and display. On all four (makers of Maptitude, TransCAD, Transmodeler) Caliper excels.”

Dr. Aniruddha Banerjee
IUPUI; UC Berkeley

“The first thing that attracted us to Maptitude was its ease of use. We were looking for a GIS package to use with students; the goal was to offer substantive courses where GIS was a tool rather than the centerpiece of the class. Initially, the idea was that students would learn GIS concepts with this simpler software, then graduate to a more powerful GIS when the time came. But we found that Maptitude more than powerful enough to meet all of our research needs as well.”

Director of Research, Office of University-Community Partnerships
Emory University
Richard Hoskins

“I teach GIS for use in public health. I can get students working on real problems in a couple hours with Maptitude. Other software usually requires several days to get up to speed to actually work a problem.”

Dr. Richard E Hoskins
University of Washington
Gustavo Manzato

“The two-way direct link with Google Earth makes my projects look really interesting. I have adopted Maptitude in my GIS classes and it has been a great success with the students. They get excited in learning the geoprocessing techniques with such a technology that Maptitude provides.”

Gustavo Manzato
Professor Unesp-Bauru

“I am a student researcher, and in looking for software that would best help me organize and interpret my data, this did the job best. I contacted their customer service inquiring about a student discount, and they quickly responded saying that they would donate a copy to support academics.”

David Komasaraon

“Overall, Maptitude's simplicity allows for non-GIS students to use a GIS to perform complex analyses with only a brief (1-2 hour) training period. They will then produce maps of similar or better quality to those produced by students with weeks of training. It is for that reason that I strongly recommend Maptitude for both Geography and Non-Geography university students alike.”

Alex Arifuzzaman
Ryerson University

* To be eligible for the Academic License, you (the Licensee) must (1) be a student or educator actively teaching, or enrolled in, at least one course at a school, (2) provide a copy of a document (School ID, Report Card, Transcript, or Tuition Bill) issued by the institution with your name, the institution name, and current date and (3) if in the USA and attending a college, have a valid e-mail address that contains the domain suffix .edu.

The Academic License is a single-user license for personal, educational, or teaching use only and may not be used for commercial purposes. You may not transfer or assign your Academic License. You may not use your academic e-mail address for more than one Academic License. You may not use the Product in sponsored research unless you purchase a commercial license. You agree to return the Product to Caliper when you cease to be enrolled as a student or educator.

We may accept or refuse a request for an Academic License at our sole discretion. We may ask you to furnish documentation supporting your eligibility. If you do not provide documentation indicating that you meet the eligibility and usage requirements above, you may be required to reimburse us for your Academic License.