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TransModeler Traffic Simulation Software

Expand your Highway Capacity analysis with microsimulation using TransModeler

TransModeler is the perfect traffic microsimulation solution when you need to go beyond the analysis methods of the Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) to evaluate complex traffic operations with greater detail and accuracy or when you simply need better visualization to complement your HCM analysis. Moreover, many of the limitations of HCM methods can be overcome by using traffic simulation as an alternative analysis tool.

TransModeler traffic simulation showing level of service and traffic impact for signalized intersections and alternative intersections

Graduating from capacity and level-of-service analysis to high-fidelity traffic microsimulation in TransModeler has never been easier. TransModeler produces simulation-based output performance measures consistent with the standardized measures in the HCM, which allows you to:

  • Quantify the effects of traffic control characteristics beyond the scope of HCM signalized intersection methodologies, such as channelized turn lanes and right-turn-on-red (RTOR) movements
  • Evaluate interaction effects between closely spaced intersections and/or access points along an arterial or between neighboring arterial and freeway facilities
  • Model residual queuing effects from multi-period turning movement volumes
  • Create microsimulation-based, HCM-compliant Level of Service (LOS) reports for intersections (by individual lanes, lane groups, or approaches), interchanges, freeway facilities, roundabouts, and urban streets
  • Evaluate and visualize unconventional or alternative intersection designs, such as median u-turns (MUT), restricted crossing u-turns (RCUT), continuous flow intersections (CFI), and diverging diamond interchanges (DDI)
  • Optimize signal timings along a corridor using state-of-the-art simulation-based performance metrics
Microsimulation of alternative intersections, signalized intersections, and roundabouts

TransModeler will also import files from the Highway Capacity Software (HCS™), the most widely used software for applying the HCM methods, for signalized and stop-controlled intersections, urban streets, and freeway facilities. Importing your project from HCS will take you from capacity analysis to microsimulation in seconds without having to reenter model inputs. When you use simulation in TransModeler to complement your HCS analyses, you will be able to:

  • Quickly animate operating conditions based on HCS inputs
  • Visualize HCS analysis with high-resolution 3D animation
  • Locate and display your HCS analysis on a map or satellite image
  • Use HCS inputs, perform Traffic Impact Analyses (TIA) using the latest standardized ITE Trip Generation Manual rates

For questions about using TransModeler to enhance your HCM and HCS™ analyses, contact us at