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What's New in Maptitude 2015 (PDF)

Maptitude Mapping Software 2015


Maptitude 2015 is a major new release of Caliper Corporation’s popular GIS (Geographic Information System) and mapping software. The 2015 version provides the most up-to-date and accurate data available.

Maptitude 2015 incorporates several significant enhancements in productivity and high quality output. Speed improvements provide faster access to maps, routes, drive-time rings, and geographic analysis. Address lists can be automatically mapped using a comprehensive suite of “locate” methods allowing users to instantaneously view more data than ever before. Microsoft Office Excel data exports are accessible via a single click for direct sharing of demographics and customer information. Maptitude continues to support the latest mapping tools and file formats including those for Google Maps, Microsoft MapPoint, and Excel. The most exciting features of Maptitude 2015 are showcased below. A complete description of the new features in Maptitude 2015 is available as a PDF.

Maptitude delivers easy-to-use, professional mapping tools at the affordable price of only US$695. Annual (optional) upgrades cost US$395 per user/license. For pricing and ordering information please visit the Mapping Software Store, e-mail Maptitude Sales, or call us at +1 617-527-4700.

New Data

Country Packages

Maptitude 2015 comes standard with a basic global map and one detailed Country Package of your choice. Additional Country Packages can be purchased separately for only US$595. Each Package includes a wealth of data unavailable in any other product including an up-to-date street layer with addresses for pin-mapping (geocoding) and travel time information for computing shortest paths and drive-time rings. The Country Packages also include building footprints for many urban locations, named landmarks and transportation links. The comprehensive landmarks range from public facilities to commercial buildings such as shops, restaurants, and retail stores. Postal data and detailed demographics (where available) are shipped with the product. .

United States 2015 Country Package
New U.S. data sets provide access to up-to-date geographic information available. Maptitude now includes October 2014 HERE® Map Content that allows for accurate address locating and street visualization, as well as robust data on which to calculate shortest paths, drive-time rings, and drive-time territories .

The U.S. Census boundaries (e.g., Tracts, Counties, MCDs, MSAs, States) and ZIP Codes contain updated demographics and Census data such as buying power/disposable income, banking compliance data, and the 2013 Census ACS data. The 2015 U.S. Country Package also ships with the January 2015 ZIP Code release, ensuring that you are using the latest nationwide postal data. More…

Australia, Brazil, Canada, and United Kingdom Packages
A 2014 HERE® map with updated postal codes, streets, and landmarks is included in the Australia, Brazil, Canada, and United Kingdom Country Packages. For additional information on each Package, including those for countries not mentioned here, please visit the Included Mapping Data page.

Excel Reports

In Maptitude 2015 you can quickly and intuitively create high-quality reports with Microsoft Office Excel. By using the Drawing Toolbar to create a lasso, circle, or rectangle, you can export data directly to Excel simply by right-clicking on the map. An Excel sheet is created for each of your pushpin layers and for each of the mapped demographics that you can choose from the wealth of population variables in Maptitude. The Excel reports enable you to make well-informed location-based decisions using clear and concise results that can be easily shared.

Export Maptitude map features directly to an Excel spreadsheet

Maptitude 2015 provides new reporting capabilities for the analysis tools. The report tools have been redesigned to be much more intuitive. The new interface better supports selection of the thousands of demographic variables available, as well as counts by business and landmark type. Reports can be used with the travel-time, distance, and territory tools, and your reports can be personalized with company logos and can be exported to many formats such as Excel and PDF. Routes can also be exported to Excel via a right-click on the Directions window.

Locate Wizard mapping with Maptitude mapping software

Locate Wizard

In Maptitude 2015 your locations can be automatically mapped to the next best level of accuracy, allowing you to instantaneously map more data. A new Locate Wizard maps unfound locations and produces a report that indicates the method used to place each pushpin. The Locate Wizard allows you to spend more time analyzing your data and less time figuring out how to get your information into a map.


Maptitude 2015 introduces completely new charting capabilities. A comprehensive set of chart types address a broad range of business needs with ease. You can create 2-D and 3-D charts, perform multi-dimensional data analysis and reporting, and interact with chart contents using tooltips and crosshair cursors. An easy-to-use wizard allows you to print and save to popular file formats, and to customize the chart appearance to create engaging presentations of your geographic insights.

Maptitude chart of median income and income distribution

Other New Features

Listed here are a few more of the many enhancements in Maptitude 2015. For a complete overview of the new features, please see the new features in Maptitude 2015 PDF.


Speed improvements provide faster access to maps, routes, drive-time rings, and geographic analysis. Maptitude 2015 provides significant speedups in memory-intense operations and in map display with faster style drawing and simplified layers. The boundary layer attribute overlay and radius/ring analysis features are greatly improved as well.


Maptitude continues to support the latest data standards and file formats including those for Google Maps, Microsoft MapPoint, and Excel. For example, MapPoint users can migrate their data to Maptitude simply by using the File-Open command to import their pushpins and territories. The functionality to easily open MapPoint data in Maptitude will be valuable to users that have invested in the MapPoint platform, but who now need to shift to another system following the discontinuation of the product by Microsoft.

New File Import Support
  • Google Earth Documents (KML/KMZ)
  • MapPoint Map Files (PTM)
  • AutoCAD Drawing Binary File (DWG)
New File Export Support
  • Microsoft Excel (XLSX)
  • PDF for report and chart windows

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