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Maptitude Mapping Software 5.0

This next generation of Maptitude, the award winning GIS desktop software, continues to provide easy-to-use yet powerful mapping tools. Maptitude 5.0 remains the most competitively priced, full-featured GIS/mapping software available.

Improved Create-a-Map Wizard

Create-a-Map Wizard features numerous improvements that enable start-to-finish assistance for locating, thematically displaying, geographically analyzing, and mapping your data. Create-a-Map Wizard lets you:

  • Choose how you want to use your data in a map
  • Choose which themes to apply and what labels to use
  • Choose whether to perform any geographic analysis of your data

Display ManagerNew Display Manager toolbox

View and control the style, visibility, and label settings for all of the layers, selection sets, and feature display settings in a map. The Display Manager lets you:

  • See the entire contents of a map
  • Hide or show layers
  • Hide or show selection sets
  • Change the style of a layer, selection set, feature display setting, or theme item
  • Change the label of a layer, selection set, or feature display setting

Enhanced Default Maps

World, state, and local maps that you create with Maptitude 5.0 include a map locator, many new line styles, and feature display options, to provide you with even more attractive and user-friendly maps right from the start.

New Geographic Analysis Tools

  • Network Bands:  Create bands based on distance, time, or other impedance factors along a line layer.
  • Network partitioning: Divide line layers into zones or districts based on proximity to points on the network, such as walking distances to schools or response times to fire stations.
  • Desire Lines: Illustrate the flow of people or goods from point to point based on values in a dataview.
  • Connect Points: Build lines from groups of points, created with a GPS receiver or any other methods, as either geographic files or annotations.
  • Facility location with weighted centroids: Locate a circular service area that encompasses a set of points and weight the center location by any field in the point layer.

Network Bands Network Partitions Desire Lines Connect Points Locate Facility

New Undo and Redo commands

Undo and redo geographic and tabular edits

New Locate by City command

Locate your data anywhere in the world using city, state/province, and country data fields

New file format support

  • Native support for Excel 2007 (.xls/.xlsx/.xlsb/.xlsm); MS Access Table (.mdb/.accdb); Geodatabase (.mdb); JPEG 2000 Image (.jp2)
  • Export Google Earth/KML/KMZ
  • Import Digital Elevation Model (.dt0, .dt1, .dt2, .flt) files; TIGER/Line 2006
  • Export Esri Project (.prj); HTML

New mapping tools and features

  • Masks: Create masks that hide features outside of your area of interest.
  • Magnifier tool: Move the cursor over a map to see portions of the map displayed with all of the settings appropriate for the magnified scale.
  • Multi-Layer Info and Multi-Layer Area Info tools: Display information on more than one layer in a map.
  • Pan Map toolbox: Pan the map with the Pan Map toolbox or by using your mouse scroll wheel.
  • Map synchronization: Synchronize two or more maps so that when the scale of one changes, all synchronized maps update automatically to the new scale.
  • New Image Librarian: Control multiple image layers as a single layer in a map.
  • Video tools for WMV creation: Create Windows Media Video (.WMV) files of all changes that you make to the active map window.
  • Improved line editing: In addition to treating overlapping lines as over/underpasses, you can now choose whether to automatically intersect overlapping lines.
  • Improved legends: Control the number of columns in a legend and the order of items within the columns.
  • Improved Bookmarks (formerly Markers): Quickly access frequently used bookmarks; Export and import to share with other users
  • Improved image layer controls: Adjust the contrast of image layers; Save TerraServer-USA images as TIFFs; Register JPEG, JPEG 2000, and MrSID images.
  • New Google Earth toolbox: Synchronize the scales of Maptitude and Google Earth maps; Add your maps to Google Earth; Add black-and-white Google Earth images to your Maptitude map.

New dataview features

  • Copy and paste cells: Copy the values in one or more cells and paste them into other cells
  • New frequency analysis commands: Group records in a table that have duplicate values in a particular field into a new table with unique values, counts, and aggregate values; or tag records in a table with the count of records with duplicate values for a particular field
  • New Field Sets: Name specific groups of fields so you can quickly focus on those fields in a dataview or Info window.
  • New Selection options: Create multiple selection sets at once based on the list of values in a field; Create a selection set of all of the records highlighted in a dataview.
  • Enhanced legibility: Shade every other row in a dataview; Identify coded fields with a symbol

New Interface

  • Dockable toolbars: Choose whether toolbars are floating or docked; Resize floating toolbars; Dock toolbars on any side.
  • Accelerator keys: Use standard command shortcuts such as Ctrl-S for Save or Ctrl-P for Print.
  • New layout buttons: Use new shortcut buttons for changing the size of layouts, turning on rulers, turning on the grid, and displaying paper cut lines.

GISDK Enhancements

  • Improved COM support
  • New class resources for defining objects
  • 32 new documented functions
  • Hover-over variable values in the debugger
  • Display option arrays in the debugger

With each new license or upgrade of Maptitude you get 60 days of free phone and email technical support. 

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