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Traffic Control

TransModeler simulates traffic signals and a variety of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) applications.

Traffic Signals:

TransModeler simulates a wide range of traffic signal controls:

  • Simulate common traffic signal systems, including pretimed and traffic actuated signal control
  • Simulate more complex traffic signal control systems, including coordinated and coordinated actuated control
  • Model transit signal priority and queue-jumping strategies for bus, rapid transit, or other public transportation services
  • Model signal preemption strategies for transit or emergency vehicle applications
  • Evaluate signal warrants and generate timing plans based on turning movement volume tables
  • Apply customizable templates to create actuated signal controllers, either based on ring & barrier concept or phase group diagrams

ITS Applications:

TransModeler is capable of simulating driver response to a wide variety of traffic control and information devices for Intelligent Transportation Systems applications.

  • Model lane use signs and flexible variable message signs directed at trucks, transit vehicles, and other classes of vehicles
  • Simulate the impact of variable speed limit signs on traffic flow
  • Evaluate the effects of ramp metering on freeway ramp and adjacent urban street operation
  • Simulate the impact of real-time traffic information on dynamic driver rerouting
  • Evaluate dynamic congestion pricing measures and HOT lanes

Traffic Control
ITS Simulation