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TransModeler SE Traffic Analysis Software

TransModeler SE is an all-in-one traffic analysis solution for traffic impact, traffic simulation, and signal optimization. TransModeler SE is built from TransModeler traffic simulation software. The table below outlines the differences between TransModeler and TransModeler SE.

  TransModeler TransModeler SE
Cost $7,000-$12,000 $995
Network Size Limits Unlimited 20 Intersections/ 100 Links
SIMULATION TransModeler TransModeler SE
Microsimulation (freeways, urban streets, 2-lane highways) included included
Multi-modal simulation (auto, truck, bicycle) included included
Public transportation (bus & rail operations) included  
Mesoscopic, macroscopic, and hybrid simuation included  
DEMAND AND ASSIGNMENT TransModeler TransModeler SE
Turning movement-based demand included included
Origin-destination matrix-based demand included included
Origin-destination matrix estimation included  
Critical link and path analysis tools included  
Simulation-based dynamic traffic assignment included  
TRAFFIC SIGNALS TransModeler TransModeler SE
Traffic signal optimization included included
Simulation-based coordinated signal optimization included included
MUTCD signal warrant evaluation included included
Traffic signal priority and preemption included  
Traffic Impact Analysis toolbox included included
ITE 9th Edition and custom trip generation rates included included
Simulation-based HCM 6th Edition LOS included included
VISUALIZATION TransModeler TransModeler SE
3-D visualization and animation included included
Customizable map themes included included
Built-in Google/USGS web map layer imagery included included
ITS MODELING TransModeler TransModeler SE
Managed lanes (e.g., high occupancy, toll) included  
Reversible lanes and dynamic lane and shoulder use management included  
Advanced traffic control and management devices (e.g., dynamic message signs, ramp metering) included  
Integrate with TransCAD included included
Import from other planning platforms included included
Import Synchro networks, signal timings, and volumes included included
Open Esri shapefiles/geodatabases included included
Import from/export to Excel included included

To learn more about TransModeler, please visit the TransModeler overview page.