Caliper Mapping and Transportation Glossary


What is Geotagging?

Geotagging refers to the attaching of geographic coordinate information to images, video, and other media recorded by smartphones or GPS-enabled electronic devices. Geotagged photographs, for example, contain geospatial metadata such as latitude and longitude coordinates, altitude, bearing, and more.

Mapping Software for Working with Geotagged Images

Maptitude Mapping Software gives you all of the tools you need to locate and analyze your data. In addition, Maptitude can read geotags from images and create points in a geographic file based on the coordinate information in the images. Fields in the geographic file are populated with the image file name and other location information read from the geotags.

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What is geotagging/Geotagging definition: images geotagged with their longitude and latitude data on map