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Crime Mapping & Public Safety Software

Maptitude is an essential tool for all types of crime and law enforcement mapping applications. Maptitude gives you a low-cost way to visualize crime data, make informed decisions, and evaluate law enforcement programs.

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Crime Mapping & Analysis:

Because most crime data have specific locations, all types of data can be added to a map, including the locations of accidents, citation issuances, arrests, registered sex offenders, suspects, and crime locations. Maptitude analysis tools then let you determine spatial patterns and hotspots for various types of crimes.

By mapping crime and identifying spatial patterns, law enforcement resources can be more effectively deployed for crime analysis and crime prevention. For example, crime analysts can prioritize locations for law enforcement activities such as drug or prostitution stings based on where those crimes are most prevalent. Sobriety checkpoints can be identified by examining the locations of arrests and accidents involving impaired drivers. By cross-referencing data from multiple sources, such as crime incidents and suspects, it is even possible to prioritize an investigation for a connected series of crimes such as rape or arson.

Law Enforcement Redistricting
Case Study

Law enforcement redistricting case studyHow Public Safety Strategies Group Used Maptitude to Create New Police Districts

Policy Evaluation:

Maptitude makes it possible to track the effectiveness of law enforcement programs. For example, you can compare accident data to determine the effectiveness of sobriety checkpoints or compare service calls before and after setting up a neighborhood patrol program.

Emergency Response:

In the event of disasters, you can use Maptitude to identify evacuation routes, the best locations for emergency shelters, and alternate routes. For example, you can use flood plain data to identify shelters that are both accessible and unlikely to flood. You can also use Maptitude to identify the population affected by a chemical spill or explosion, then develop an evacuation procedure and determine road closures.

Routing Tools:

Maptitude has routing tools that let you find routes among two or more locations. Not only can this aid dispatch in decreasing response times, but it can also lead to greater effectiveness for non-emergency applications such as serving subpoenas.

Public Information:

Maptitude for the Web is a specialized version of Maptitude for designing and running interactive map applications and location-based services on the Internet. With Maptitude for the Web, law enforcement agencies can share information with their communities. Through interactive maps, residents can identify their closest emergency shelter, determine evacuation routes in the event of a natural disaster, or get information on registered sex offenders. Citizens can also develop community policing programs and other initiatives based on shared police and demographic information.

Richard Pickard

“As a crime analyst, Maptitude has been my go-to program. Their support people are always willing to help with any question I have. Highly Recommend them.”

Richard Pickard
National Crime Search, Inc.
Cypress, Texas

Types of Crime Mapping Using GIS

Use crime mapping software to spot trends in crime statistics

Compare crime for different time periods to identify trends or evaluate law enforcement strategies.

Use Maptitude police mapping software to illustrate and compare crime data

Illustrate and compare all sorts of police data.

There's no better crime mapping software at any price. Why spend more for less?

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