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Enterprise GIS Software

Maptitude is an Enterprise GIS (Geographic Information System) that allows widespread use of mapping software throughout an organisation. Multiple users can manage, share, and use geographic data for analysis and presentation. Maptitude can be run as an on-premise GIS or as a Cloud GIS.

Blog: Why 70% of Fortune 50 companies rely on Maptitude Maptitude enterprise mapping software allows simultaneous editing

Maptitude enterprise mapping software allows simultaneous editing of geographic and attribute data

Maptitude supports connectivity with a wide variety of geographic and tabular databases such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle (See the Maptitude Data Access page for more information on supported data formats). Maptitude supports over 50 file types and more than 100 GIS and CAD formats, including OGC Standards such as the OpenGIS Web Map Service (WMS).

Maptitude is network-aware and network-enabled. You can share tabular data and geographic files and have full control over read-write permissions. Maptitude allows simultaneous editing of geographic and attribute data files by multiple users, a powerful feature in an enterprise-wide GIS implementation. Maptitude also supports direct editing and access to corporate geographic databases (e.g., an Oracle Spatial database).

There is also a Maptitude remote desktop license. For concurrent-user licenses (including VPN, Amazon Cloud*, Terminal Services**, Remote Desktop Services (RDS)**, or Citrix Server environments**), a keyed version of Maptitude is available that allocates simultaneous licenses up to the number purchased for that key. Each remote or concurrent license is US$995. If you have purchased the Single-User Desktop License, then the cost to convert this to a Single-User Remote License is US$300.

Maptitude enterprise GIS software

Matitude enterprise GIS software is a multi-user, browser-based, cloud map solution

The installation takes place on the server side. You simply run the installation through Windows, which will install Maptitude and the necessary drivers. This will allow clients to run Maptitude in remote sessions. The supported platforms are Window Server 2012 and later.

Finally, Maptitude Online allows you to share the maps and reports that you create in Maptitude with people who don't have the desktop Maptitude software.

Please contact Caliper Sales at +1 617-527-4700 or for more information.

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“Pros: Cost. Much easier to reach a purchasing decision. I loved the integrated country data package so I didn't have to download census layers and other info - it was all built in.”

Alex Martin
Sr. Program Manager, Amazon
Seattle, Washington

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an enterprise system in GIS?

An enterprise system in GIS refers to a geographic information system software that is designed to be used by multiple users within an organisation. It allows for the management, sharing, and analysis of geospatial data across different departments and teams. Enterprise GIS software typically supports connectivity with various databases, file formats, and data standards, enabling users to collaborate on projects and access data from different sources. This type of system is ideal for organisations that require widespread use of mapping software and need to centrally manage and distribute geographic data and tools. Examples of enterprise GIS software include Maptitude mapping software, ArcGIS Enterprise, and GeoMedia.

What is an example of enterprise GIS?

An example of an enterprise GIS is Maptitude. Maptitude mapping software is a powerful GIS software that allows multiple users to manage and share geographic data within an organisation. It supports connectivity with various databases and file formats, making it suitable for enterprise-wide mapping and analysis needs. With features like simultaneous editing and access to corporate geographic databases, Maptitude is a popular choice for Fortune 50 companies and other organizations. It also offers a remote desktop license option for concurrent-user environments.

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  *  Installation in the Amazon Cloud requires you to have an Amazon EC2 Microsoft Windows Instance which you access via remote desktop. Maptitude (Amazon Cloud) is available as a download only.

**  Maptitude can be run in a Citrix, Remote Desktop Services (RDS), or Terminal Services environment, with a fixed, pre-determined number of concurrent users, each accessing the software in a remote-desktop session.

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