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Maptitude Mapping Software

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Alternative to MapInfo Professional

MapInfo® is more expensive than Maptitude. The MapInfo prices for data, additional licenses, and maintenance increase these costs. If you need a wealth of business critical data in a competitively priced, easy-to-use system then choose Maptitude!

There are many benefits when you use Maptitude as an alternative to MapInfo Professional:

  • Easily transfer Maptitude software licences without penalty
  • Quickly see the information and trends hidden in your geographic data
  • Create 3-D maps, heat maps, territories, drive-time rings, hot-spots, charts, and reports
  • Import, analyze, segment, and report on data in almost any format
  • Map your data for any country in the world: where available use demographic, address, zip code, post code or county boundary data
  • Use location intelligence to filter and categorize data
  • Access the most up-to-date demographic data
  • Print, export, manage, share, and use located-based results
  • Contact us via phone and email during your 60 days of free technical support!
  • Use Maptitude mapping software and start seeing better maps and better results – Now!
Brian Numaineville

“As a former MapInfo user, I like the ease of use of this product. It is much easier to do many things in Maptitude compared to tools like MapInfo, but there is plenty of power. Adding aerial maps is simple and the layer controls are easy as well. The price is also affordable.”

Brian Numaineville

MapInfo alternative

Maptitude mapping software includes geographic and demographic data making it the ideal MapInfo alternative

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The best MapInfo alternative! Here's why:

√  Maptitude is the easiest-to-use full featured mapping software, and includes powerful tools such as multi-ring drive-time zones

√  Maptitude has no subscription fees, and supports secure off-line data storage

√  Maptitude provides fully customizable maps with unlimited point icons

√  Maptitude has unlimited pin-mapping/geocoding

√  Maptitude includes free mapping data and demographics covering everything from population statistics to business locations, postal/ZIP Codes, and more!

“I have been extremely happy with the purchase of Maptitude. I must admit, I was a little skeptical at first when comparing Maptitude to MapInfo due to the large price difference. But after researching both platforms I felt that Maptitude's functionality gave us the most bang for the buck.”

David Ugarte

Maptitude is competitively priced and enables organizations and businesses to use their location-based data to improve decision making. Why spend more for less?

Maptitude Users

  Maptitude MapInfo
Single User License (Standard) $695 $2,145
Annual Licensing $0 $2,145
Street Data Included HERE Streets for your country included in the $695 price TomTom Data available, Ask for quote
State, County, and Tract Level U.S. Census data Included with Country Package Ask for quote
5-Digit ZIP Code Included with Country Package Starting at $2,250
Drive Time and Routing: shortest routes, drive-time rings, service area definition, flow lines, and network/territory creation Included with Maptitude Ask for Quote
Engage: Topology clean up, real-time workspace control, image rubber sheeting, batch table operations Included with Maptitude Ask for Quote
Demographics and Census Data: demographic reports, demographic data analysis, lifestyle segmentation Included with Maptitude (lifestyle segmentation not included) Several packages available, Ask for quote
Engage 3D: 3D mapping and surface analysis Included with Maptitude Ask for Quote

* As of 9/4/2018 according to Pitney Bowes website

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Alternative to MapInfo Pro

Maptitude mapping software alternative to MapInfo Pro

Murtaza Haider

“Caliper Corporation’s Maptitude is another commercially available GIS that offers the biggest bang for the buck. It is priced significantly lower than ArcView and MapInfo, but offers significantly more features. For starters, unlike MapInfo, Maptitude is sensitive to topology that helps the software to identify neighbors in a GIS layer. It offers one of the fastest spatial computation engines.

It offers almost all functionality available in the standard versions of MapInfo and ArcView. Maptitude has a stable database engine that can read and write data from most commercially available software. In fact, Maptitude can read GIS maps developed in MapInfo and ArcView proprietary formats without the need of first converting those maps into Maptitude format.”

Murtaza Haider
from Getting Started with Data Science: Making Sense of Data with Analytics

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