For Immediate Release
September 27, 2022

Maptitude Online SaaS Released for Sales and Marketing Business Development

NEWTON, MA (USA) - Maptitude Online mapping software, a major product suite addition to the Maptitude line of popular Geographic Information System (GIS) applications, is available now.

Maptitude Online is a software-as-a-service (SaaS). It is both a "sharing add-in" to desktop Maptitude and a stand-alone online GIS application. This SaaS brings the benefits of the intuitive and powerful analytics of the desktop product to coworkers, stakeholders, and the public. Maptitude Online is useful for:

  • Desktop Maptitude users that want to share their maps, reports, routes, and territories
  • Anyone who:
    • needs an online batch geocoder
    • wants to do buffer/radii analysis
    • wants to visualize their data on a map
    • wants to find the demographics around locations as a PDF report
    • wants to find the central point for their locations
    • wants to find the service area and demographics around their locations

Whether you are sharing your routes or fleet models to your sales reps and drivers, or displaying revenue and sales numbers by territory for management, Maptitude Online has the tools to perform these tasks efficiently and cost-effectively. You can map your data for the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

Maptitude provides a comprehensive solution for sales and marketing business development analysts in sectors ranging from healthcare, franchising, communications, logistics, retail, real estate, banking, consulting, and many more.

See why 70% of Fortune 50 companies rely on Maptitude to drive their business development.

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Maptitude map of dentist locations and dental expenditures Maptitude Online Map Example: Travel Time with PDF Report - Share your maps online!

Maptitude Online Map Example: Travel Time with PDF Report - Share your maps online!

Len Suzio

“We've used Maptitude for more than 20 years and have created maps for 600-700 banks with Maptitude. We are very enthusiastic about Maptitude Online. Right now we are publishing maps of interest to the banking industry and have gotten a tremendous response. We've found that even bank regulators are visiting our online maps!”

Len Suzio